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SpongeBob and Sandy are good friends. Series creator Stephen Hillenburg stated in 2014 that he created Sandy as "a strong female character that could be a friend to SpongeBob but not a love interest."[1]


  • Series creator Stephen Hillenburg made it clear that SpongeBob should never have a romance, since he is asexual[2] (as all real-life sea sponges are) and too innocent for it. Vincent Waller said that SpongeBob getting a significant other was "definitely on the Steve shortlist of NOs."[3]
Sandy and SpongeBob

Sandy and SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab in "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy."

IMG 1050

Sandy and SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab in "The Way of the Sponge."

Spongebob maried

SpongeBob and Sandy in a play about a wedding.

Ripped Pants Gallery (41)

SpongeBob and Sandy hugging in Ripped Pants

  • However, a book written by David Lewman jokes about SpongeBob having a crush on someone, indicated to be Sandy. Lewman, having never worked on the show, was unaware of Hillenburg's anti-romance rule.
  • As Hillenburg instructed, the television series will never approach the topic of SpongeBob having a romantic relationship. The fake wedding in the TV movie "Truth or Square" is the closest the show has gotten to broaching the topic.

Their behavior towards each other

  • Their relationship seems to be close.
  • It is very rare for Patrick to visit Sandy without SpongeBob, (and extremely rare for anyone else to), but SpongeBob visits Sandy without Patrick on a regular basis.
  • Sandy's relationship with Patrick is strained due to his stupidity, while her relationship with SpongeBob seems to be stronger. Only once in a while does she get annoyed with him, usually due to his high energy and unending optimism.

Activities they enjoy doing together

  • Karate - SpongeBob and Sandy do karate often. Their first karate moment is "Karate Choppers." In some episodes, SpongeBob tries to sneak up on Sandy to win, but SpongeBob's plan backfired. As the series progressed, they did less karate, and do science instead.
  • Science - Even though SpongeBob is not very good at science, he is always excited to help Sandy with her scientific endeavors. Not wanting to disappoint him, Sandy uses SpongeBob as a test monkey for her inventions. In "Perfect Chemistry," Sandy called SpongeBob "lab partner" at the end, which he made a huge deal out of.
  • Hanging out at Goo Lagoon - In Season 1, they hang out at Goo Lagoon in episodes such as in "Ripped Pants" and "MuscleBob BuffPants." In these episodes, SpongeBob tries to impress Sandy by being masculine and looking tough and strong, only to find that Sandy appreciates him just the way that he is.

Hints of attraction

Season 1

"Tea at the Treedome"

  • After SpongeBob rescued Sandy from a giant clam, Sandy stated. "I like you, SpongeBob. Why, we could be tighter than bark on a tree!"
  • SpongeBob was determined to make a good impression on her at her house; despite him did not knowing about air, thus he tried to act as if he knew about it anyway.
  • He was surprised about Sandy's home because there was no water. But despite that he was slowly drying out, he stayed at Sandy's home, possibly so that her feelings would not be hurt, or possibly because he felt she would stop liking him if he left or asked about the mysterious absence of water.
  • SpongeBob visiting Sandy for tea and cookies can technically be considered a date. This may be a cartoon, but in real world context, a man coming over to a woman's place with flowers is very suggestive of a date. (Think of how this situation would look with Mickey coming over to Minnie's house with flowers.)
  • SpongeBob gets advice from Patrick on how he may impress a girl, how to "be fancy," having no idea that she will end up becoming one of their closest friends.

"Ripped Pants"

  • He was quite happy of his ability to make Sandy laugh by making things out of sand.
  • When Sandy can lift more weights than he can, SpongeBob was upset that he could not impress her.
  • SpongeBob was also jealous of Larry because he kept getting Sandy's attention.
  • When ripping his pants made him a comedic star, SpongeBob thought he could do this the way of his sand routine to get good laughs and impress Sandy once more.
  • Sandy was particularly upset more than anyone upon thinking SpongeBob had died. She even teared up for him.
  • SpongeBob stresses at the thought of making up for his fake drowning stunt, and collapses when he sees Sandy playing volleyball with Larry instead. "She'd rather hang out with LARRY! Oh no... I didn't have to be a fool to get Sandy's attention."
  • The lyrics to "Ripped Pants" are suggestive of the crush. "...And no girl ever wants to dance, with a fool who went and [RIP] ripped his pants... 'Cause winding up with no one is a lot less fun than a burn from the sun..."

"Sandy's Rocket"

  • SpongeBob wanted to impress Sandy by catching aliens by saying: "But won't she feel silly when I catch her a real live alien? Aw, she'll love me!"
  • SpongeBob possibly wanted to be alone with Sandy in a new environment. Possibly seeing an opportunity to be tough and protect her. Of course, because he's childish at heart, he also saw the opportunity for fun and shenanigans.

"MuscleBob BuffPants"

  • SpongeBob bought Anchor Arms to make himself look muscular, wanting to impress everyone, but there is more emphasis on his desire to have this look around Sandy.
  • SpongeBob puts himself through a lot of pain in this episode in the effort to make his body bigger, which would be quite embarrassing for him if you imagine that he's getting trained by a girl, and especially the one he so deeply admires.

"Scaredy Pants"

  • When the Flying Dutchman comes to steal SpongeBob's soul, Sandy screams "SpongeBob" and seems the most worried about him and less caught up in the chaos.

"Karate Choppers"

  • SpongeBob and Sandy had several "friendly" matches of karate.
  • Both SpongeBob and Sandy's thoughts are instinctively consumed by anticipation of the other surprising them with their appearance.
  • In the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob imagines a fish as Sandy (sneaking up to fight him) and winks at him, at which point he looked flustered.
  • SpongeBob and Sandy may have what can be considered a "date" by having a picnic in the park.
  • When Mr. Krabs found them in the park, SpongeBob chose being allowed to do karate with Sandy over his job, saying "I just can't help myself. I guess you'll just have to fire me."


  • Instead of calling Patrick to take him to the doctor, he called Sandy (possibly because she is the smartest of all of his friends).
  • Sandy was determined that SpongeBob get to the hospital (fighting with Patrick during the process and furious that he was prolonging his sickness).

"Valentine's Day"

  • SpongeBob and Sandy exchanged valentine gifts, Sandy's line being a pun of: "I'm nuts for you."


  • SpongeBob was very upset upon seeing Sandy so homesick, and goes out of his way to try to cheer Sandy up, upon feeling worse when he misunderstands and makes her the most upset.
  • SpongeBob hatches a plan to bring Texas to Bikini Bottom.
  • SpongeBob runs after the bus taking Sandy back home, calling her name.
  • Sandy blushed when SpongeBob was shaking his butt and mocking Texas. It isn't clear if she is blushing out of embarrassment or increasing anger.
  • Sandy beats Patrick up, but before she tries to beat up SpongeBob she says "Y'all better take back what chya said!" (trying to give him another chance).
  • SpongeBob puts himself (and Patrick) in danger of Sandy's terrifying rage in a desperate effort to show her his work to turn the Krusty Krab into a crude homage of Texas.
  • At the end, SpongeBob demonstrates his deep care for her when he admits defeat and would rather have Sandy go back to Texas and stop being upset than keep her emotionally tied to Bikini Bottom for his sake. "Don't cry anymore, Sandy. I'll go get your bags."

Season 2

"Prehibernation Week"

  • She secretly installed something into his bed, that launches him straight to her at the press of a button.
  • SpongeBob says "I is one hundred percent ma-male," having no idea what a "mammal" is, it is quite possible that he was telling her he is "one hundred percent a male." Another sign that he's trying to get her to notice him as a man.
  • "Sandy, I'm willing to sacrifice any of my time that I haven't already sold to Mr. Krabs, to you."
  • This whole episode is another example of the torture he'll put himself through possibly in the effort to get closer to her.
  • Sandy goes positively insane about SpongeBob's disappearance that she put everyone in town (who apparently couldn't care less about the Sponge) into a forced search party and destroyed several buildings to look for him.
  • Sandy's exaggerated expression upon seeing him safe, and the crushing hug she gives him shows how much she cares.

"Squirrel Jokes"

  • Sandy was upset that SpongeBob made fun of her species, but patiently asked him to stop instead of immediately getting angry and beating him up (as she may just do with anyone else. I.e. Patrick in "Band Geeks").
  • When he visited her home again, he brought her flowers. They are well beyond good friends at this point, so those being a house-warming gift is not a possibility.


  • SpongeBob attempts to outdo Sandy in several matches, possibly to impress her, as his previous attempts of looking manly have failed.
  • Despite SpongeBob and the other men being uncharacteristically careless of Sandy almost drowning, Sandy beats up seagulls that attack her friends when they attempt her dare.


  • One of the things SpongeBob sees when he looks out the window, witnessing everyone having fun without him, is Patrick rubbing lotion on Sandy, who is dressed only in her helmet and bikini, which she rarely does outside of her Treedome.

"Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm"

  • SpongeBob became very protective of Sandy in this episode. He was the only one who was concerned about Sandy's safety and made several attempts to make her retreat.
  • Despite knowing how tough Sandy is (which has proven to be incredibly so), SpongeBob cannot let her attempt to attack the monster, and makes every effort possible to slow the progress.
  • When he leaps onto her helmet to show her how badly he wants her to remain safe, he is SOBBING and crying buckets at the thought of her getting hurt.

Season 3

"No Weenies Allowed"

  • After Sandy gets into The Salty Spitoon, SpongeBob tries many times to get in, too. It's possible he is worried what she will think if he is not tough enough to go in.
  • Sandy calls an ambulance for SpongeBob and leans over him protectively, showing great patience when she tells him, "You ran inside and slipped on an ice cube."

"Party Pooper Pants"

  • On top of the rest of the sights that infuriate him about the party when it goes out of his control, SpongeBob sees Sandy and Larry dancing, possibly something that would have made him jealous.

Season 4

"Patrick SmartPants"

  • SpongeBob was upset that Patrick, upon becoming smart, impresses Sandy enough to become her new point of interest. He leaves her dome crying.

"Chimps Ahoy"

  • Much like in "Texas," SpongeBob tried to keep Sandy from having to leave forever.
  • He hatches a plan to build an invention that will impress her bosses, despite this being very difficult.

"Karate Island"

  • SpongeBob brings Sandy to the Island, possibly to impress her, as well as rub it in.
  • Despite the fact that Sandy was annoyed by SpongeBob's arrogance and bragging, she rescued him.


  • Sandy seems too afraid of hurting SpongeBob's feelings by telling him the wig looks bad. She is the only one in the episode who does not laugh at him, and consoles him upon him having to let it go.
  • Sandy may have taken SpongeBob on a date to the movie theater.

Season 5

"A Flea in Her Dome"

  • SpongeBob's reaction to Sandy being gone is a bit obsessive. He sobs himself into a pile when Sandy is away, and then decides to throw a welcome back party for her.
  • (This is an episode that is hard to judge for Spandy due to the exaggeration of the characters' traits, i.e., SpongeBob's crying).

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

  • Despite being uncharacteristically mean at SpongeBob at the start of the episode (to fit the plot), Sandy has a crying fit after finding out that SpongeBob was missing, and then creates a device to find him.
  • Sandy had the least amount of reasoning to find SpongeBob, and yet she seemed the most worried about him (possibly because she likes him, or because she's the one who has the most level head and guilt about her behavior.)

Season 6


  • SpongeBob agreed to help Sandy, and when Mr. Krabs needed help, he tried to tell him he needed to help Sandy.
  • His voice when he refers to her as "Ms. Cheeks," in this and similar episodes.

"Truth or Square"

Of all the episodes to this date, this is the one that most likely hints at a possible relationship between SpongeBob and Sandy.

Despite the reveal that the wedding of SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks was just a play, small hints suggest that SpongeBob and Sandy getting married was not a completely random scenario. These include:

  • SpongeBob and Sandy---getting married. The writers at least seem to be aware of the Spandy theory if this idea was conceived at all.
  • The Wedding Officiant did not know it was a play. (Possibly meaning the wedding was legal and binding. They may be legally married to each other after this point and not even know it!)
  • Neither Mr. Krabs or Patrick had remembered the events of this supposed 'flashback,' even though they were in it. SpongeBob may have made it all up because he WANTS this scenario to happen.
  • It also would make sense that SpongeBob is only dreaming this up because of the fact that SpongeBob and Sandy do not play as Romeo or Juliet, or other lovers in popular plays. They play as SpongeBob and Sandy, real people in this universe, getting married. Very odd. (Or the lack of a proper play reference could have been lazy writing.)
  • Whether or not the play itself even happened, SpongeBob's dreamy voice as he recounts the story suggest that he greatly enjoys thinking about it.
  • In a deleted scene, SpongeBob says " It doesn't have to be (a play)" hinting that he does like Sandy, but she slaps him in return.

Season 7

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy"

  • When SpongeBob was giving Sandy a Krabby Patty, he had a glaze in his eyes and said it was for "a special friend."
  • Even though SpongeBob couldn't reveal the formula, he was willing to show her the 'ins and outs' of making a Krabby Patty.
  • SpongeBob acts impressionistic towards the Sandy Robot when he told it the temperature for grilling.
  • The episode title is a parody of the song "Someone’s In the Kitchen with Dinah," which is suggestive of romance between the person Sandy is in the kitchen with.
  • When Sandy appears at the Krusty Krab, despite getting laughed and glared at by Bikini Bottomites through the entire ordeal to get her pelt back, suddenly nobody reacts to her “nudity” except SpongeBob, who says “Sandy, you’re naked! And you haven’t got any clothes on!”

"Rodeo Daze"

  • Like a callback to "Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm," SpongeBob wanted to "save" Sandy from a rodeo in Texas because of the clowns. Only this time, his fear is proven to be unreasonable.
  • He goes as far as to kidnap everyone in Bikini Bottom to float inside a bubble to Texas with him.

"Perfect Chemistry"

  • SpongeBob really wanted Sandy to call him "lab partner"--to be considered useful to her.
  • SpongeBob is upset upon realizing he is more annoying to Sandy than helpful.
  • Sandy called Plankton her "lab partner," making SpongeBob so sad that his heart breaks.
  • Sandy comforts SpongeBob by telling him that he can be the test monkey.
  • In the end, Sandy finally called SpongeBob lab partner when she foiled Plankton's plan, making SpongeBob overjoyed.

Season 8


  • SpongeBob bought her a going-away cake.
  • Sandy just happened to already have 2 snowboards, as if anticipating that he would find his way to going with her.

"House Sittin' for Sandy"

  • While going through the list of responsibilities, Sandy comments on how well SpongeBob is paying attention. Then, SpongeBob returns the compliment, causing Sandy to blush while thanking him.

Season 9

"It Came from Goo Lagoon"

  • SpongeBob protected Sandy after her sub was destroyed.
  • Sandy refers to SpongeBob as Darling, when the group try to gather samples from the giant bubble, although she could have also been referring to both him and Patrick as well.

"Kenny the Cat"

  • When SpongeBob walks into Sandy's treedome holding his breath and without his water helmet, she takes notice and tries to give him one but he responds and says that he had no need for it and that he was "A-Ok." He may have been trying to impress her.
  • Sandy was jealous of Kenny the Cat.

"SpongeBob LongPants"

"Two Thumbs Down"

  • SpongeBob liked Sandy's suit and was nice to her about it.
  • Sandy is worried about SpongeBob when he breaks his thumbs.

"Sandy's Nutmare"

  • They share a laugh at the beginning of the episode.
  • Sandy calls SpongeBob instead of Patrick.
  • After being mean to her friends, Sandy tells them she's sorry, then asks them to help her to get dirt from Texas.

"Snail Mail"

  • Sandy helps SpongeBob learn how to fly.

Season 10

"Whirly Brains"

  • After Sandy argues with the Angry Old Timer, SpongeBob says "Oh, I love it when Sandy gets aggressive."

"Mimic Madness"

  • When SpongeBob had trouble controlling his mocking mimicry madness, she, along with Patrick, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward, imitated him in order to get him to remember who he is.


  • After finding out that Squidward created a sport that was meant on killing SpongeBob and Patrick, she stood up for her friends and challenged Squidward to a game in order to save them from death. Sandy manages to win the game and SpongeBob and Patrick are saved.

"Feral Friends"

  • SpongeBob went to Sandy's birthday party.

Season 11

"Pat the Horse"

  • As SpongeBob rides on Pat the Horse past Sandy, he tells her, "Lookin' good, Ms. Sandy." And she says, "Thank you."

"Shopping List"

  • She accompanies SpongeBob on finding the rarest items on Mr. Krabs' phony shopping list. But the mission costed the loss of her tail and her submarine after Plankton stole all of the fake ingredients for the Krabby Patty. When Sandy learned that Mr. Krabs tricked SpongeBob into going on a dangerous, but pointless mission just so he could go shopping for the real ingredients, she gets really mad at him. She then beats Mr. Krabs up in his office and takes his bag of money in order to teach him a lesson about deceiving people.

Goons on the Moon

  • SpongeBob goes with Sandy on a trip to the moon, despite knowing nothing about science. Sandy says she loves SpongeBob, despite him not being super smart, showing how strong their relationship is.

"Appointment TV"

  • Sandy forces SpongeBob to prevent a leakage in her treedome despite his objections. Later in the evening, she, along with Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Larry, Plankton, Gary, and Mrs. Puff, saw how completely sad SpongeBob was when he missed the lost episode of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy and realized that she took advantage of his kindness. In order to make it up to him, she and the others put on a play in recitation of the lost episode.


Flowers for Sandy 006
Flowers for Sandy 019

"Flowers for Sandy"

  • SpongeBob makes up a holiday called "Surprise Sandy Day."
  • SpongeBob leaves Sandy a letter that reads:
To: Sandy
The smartest, prettiest squirrel in Bikini Bottom.
Signed: A Friend


Gone Jellyfishin'

  • On the blurb, it clearly states SpongeBob has a crush on Sandy.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Survival Guide

The SpongeBob SquarePants Survival Guide by David Lewman makes a joke about SpongeBob having a crush, indicated to be Sandy. Lewman, having never worked on the show, was unaware of Hillenburg's rule not to have SpongeBob even hint at romance.

  1. The most important thing about a secret crush is that it stays secret. Super secret! Super DOUBLE secret! Super TRIPLE secret!
  2. You can't tell anyone! Not even your best friend!
  3. And especially not the person you have the secret crush on.
  4. You have to act natural around your crush. Don't giggle. Don't go weak in the knees. Don't blush. And don't fog up your bubble helmet. (Wait a minute - forget I said that last part.)
  5. Take me, for example. I act perfectly natural when I go over to the treedome and...
    The Sponge Is Straight by helgoth11

    The page in the book


SpongeBob's Secret Valentine

  • SpongeBob wants to make a valentine for Sandy, as he does for all his friends.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Fool's Gold

  • It says in the book:
    • SpongeBob has a crush on the thrill-seeking, air suit-wearing Sandy Cheeks.
    • Also, Squidward Tentacles says to Sandy, "Here to defend your little boyfriend?"

Comic books

SpongeBob Comics No. 30

  • During the comic Bottled Up, SpongeBob ends up coming out of Sandy's machine, causing her to think that he is another clone that she needs to destroy. SpongeBob assures her that he's the real deal, and Sandy asks him how he go to into the machine, before saying that it doesn't matter and that she's so relieved, she could kiss him. The comic then ends with Sandy kissing SpongeBob.

Video games

The SpongeBob Movie Game: Sponge on the Run

One of the things SpongeBob can say during a game over is "Tell... Sandy... I love her." This can be heard here.

Employee of the Month

  • In the locker at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob has a picture of Sandy. If the player clicks on it, SpongeBob SquarePants says, "Sandy Cheeks, looking at her makes me smile," hinting at a possible romantic connection between the two.

SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

SpongeBob Game Station

At the beginning of the story arc where the player rebuilds Sandy's treedome, SpongeBob says that he loves Sandy more than he loves karate (which, as seen in episodes like "Karate Choppers," is shown to be a lot).

Other shows

  • On the game show My Dad is Smarter than Your Dad, the contestants were asked: "What is the first name of SpongeBob SquarePants' squirrel girlfriend?"


  • Vincent Waller claimed in a tweet that he was under the impression a romance between Sandy and SpongeBob was suggested during her introduction, but it did not work organically.



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