SpongeBob and Sandy are good friends. Series creator Stephen Hillenburg stated in 2014 that he created Sandy as "a strong female character that could be a friend to SpongeBob but not a love interest."[1]


  • Series creator Stephen Hillenburg made it clear that SpongeBob should never have a romance since he is asexual[2] (as all real-life sea sponges are) and too innocent for it. Vincent Waller said that SpongeBob getting a significant other was "definitely on the Steve shortlist of NOs."[3]
Sandy and SpongeBob

Sandy and SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab in "Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy."

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Sandy and SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab in "The Way of the Sponge."

Spongebob maried

SpongeBob and Sandy in a play about a wedding.

Ripped Pants Gallery (41)

SpongeBob and Sandy hugging in "Ripped Pants"

  • However, a book written by David Lewman jokes about SpongeBob having a crush on someone, indicated to be Sandy. Lewman, having never worked on the show, was unaware of Hillenburg's anti-romance rule.
  • As Hillenburg instructed, the television series will never approach the topic of SpongeBob having a romantic relationship. The fake wedding in the TV movie "Truth or Square" seems to be a jab at people who keep demanding it.

Their behavior towards each other

  • Their relationship seems to be close.
  • It is very rare for Patrick to visit Sandy without SpongeBob, but SpongeBob visits Sandy without Patrick regularly.
  • Sandy's relationship with Patrick is strained due to his stupidity, while her relationship with SpongeBob seems to be stronger. Only once in a while does she get annoyed with him, usually due to his high energy and unending optimism.

Activities they enjoy doing together

  • Karate - SpongeBob and Sandy do karate often. Their first karate moment is "Karate Choppers." In some episodes, SpongeBob tries to sneak up on Sandy to win, but SpongeBob's plan backfired. As the series progressed, they did less karate, and do science instead.
  • Science - Even though SpongeBob is not very good at science, he is always excited to help Sandy with her scientific endeavors. Not wanting to disappoint him, Sandy uses SpongeBob as a test monkey for her inventions. In "Perfect Chemistry," Sandy called SpongeBob "lab partner" at the end, which he made a huge deal out of.
  • Hanging out at Goo Lagoon - In Season 1, they hang out at Goo Lagoon in episodes such as in "Ripped Pants" and "MuscleBob BuffPants." In these episodes, SpongeBob tries to impress Sandy by being masculine and looking tough and strong, only to find that Sandy appreciates him just the way that he is.


  • Vincent Waller claimed in a tweet that he was under the impression a romance between Sandy and SpongeBob was suggested during her introduction, but it did not work organically.[4]



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