SpongeBob's library is a room located in the bedroom of SpongeBob's house. It is where SpongeBob goes and reads all of his books and first appears in the episode "Boating School."


It is a large room that contains many shelves containing thousands of books, of many different types. There are two doors that lead in and out, one containing a slide to slide down on. It has a light green carpet and a darker green floor, with a brown couch in the room as well. In "Something Smells," there is a piano in the room.

Role in series

"Boating School"

Patrick stays in this room the whole time during SpongeBob's boating test to give him driving tips through the walkie-talkie implanted into his head. He runs away and goes home once SpongeBob reveals to Mrs. Puff that he is cheating.

"Something Smells"

Patrick takes SpongeBob here to motivate him that he is not ugly.

"Library Cards"

Patrick reads all the books which leads into him and SpongeBob getting stuck here.
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