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SpongeBob, why? Why did you set me on fire, SpongeBob? Why didn't you just write your essay?! Stop wasting time!
— SpongeBob's house, "Procrastination"

124 Conch Street[1] is the address of the pineapple house where SpongeBob SquarePants lives with his pet snail Gary and his pet scallop Shelley. The house is three stories high and fully furnished. It first appears in the pilot episode "Help Wanted."

The pineapple originates from land, when it fell off of a ship navigating above the sea, turning into a house as seen in the TV movie "Truth or Square."


Interior and exterior

There is a garage in the back of the house and two windows in the front. The garage along with the backside of SpongeBob's house is first seen in the episode "Reef Blower." Out back of the house, the backyard is closed in by a square of flowers, much like the ones seen in the sky.

It also has an outdoor tap where a hose can be attached, as seen in "Unreal Estate."


First floor

There is a small garage in the back of the house and two windows in the front

Clockwise (left to right at the upper part and right to left at the lower part): Bathroom, bedroom, library, roof, workout room, stairs, kitchen, and living room.


Out back of the house, the backyard is closed in by a square of flowers, but in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game (PC version), SpongeBob's backyard has fence boards instead. On the first floor, the house features a living room, coat closet, trophy closet, kitchen, laundry room, and a kitchen pantry.

The living room features an inflatable sofa, a regular armchair with a life ring as a seat, a diving helmet-shaped TV, a clock known as a "snail clock" which has a similar appearance to Gary, and a small table with a phone shaped like a conch shell called a "shellphone." There are decorations such as a fishing lure above the sofa, a photo of Gary near the kitchen door, and on the left a fishing hook wall ornament, above a small table. On the small table is a potted coral plant. The living room features blue bamboo wallpaper, two fishing hook ornaments, and various pictures framed on the wall.

The kitchen contains a fridge, a stove, a sink, a cupboard, a table, and other typical kitchen tools. Gary's food bowl can also be found here, though sometimes it is seen in SpongeBob's bedroom. A green staircase is located outside of the kitchen.

There is a set of stairs on the left that twists around the home and stops at a safe door behind the chute entrance to the second floor. In some episodes, there is a hallway behind the door.

Second floor

SpongeBob's bathroom is found on the second floor. The hallway contains doors leading to his library, bathroom, and gallery, as well as an additional staircase that leads to his bedroom.

His bathroom contains a square-shaped toilet, a shower/bathtub, a sink, wringer, etc. as well as a porthole window that looks out onto Conch Street. His bathtub is decorated with a bamboo curtain.

The library is the largest room in the house and occupies both the second and third stories. It contains books such as Memories of T.S. Halibut, Cooking Without Salt, and Head Shrinking for Beginners!, as well as various comic books and SpongeBob's work diary. The library also contains a reading chair chained to the ceiling by a fishing hook, a huge pipe organ, a fireplace, a porthole window, and a spare closet. There is also an entrance chute coming from SpongeBob's room, first seen in "Boating School."

There is a workout room, featuring a stuffed animal barbell and other light objects that are heavy for SpongeBob, as seen in "Help Wanted," "MuscleBob BuffPants," "The Great Snail Race," "Bummer Vacation," "No Nose Knows," "A Pal for Gary," "The Way of the Sponge," and "Sharks vs. Pods."

Third floor

The staircase to the third floor is also green-colored and is found next to the library. SpongeBob's bedroom is found on the third floor, along with a hallway, and has red bamboo wallpaper on the right side and blue metal wallpaper on the left. The left side also contains a porthole window from which the inside of Squidward Tentacles' house can be seen.

In the middle, there is a bed that contains three white mattresses, bamboo sticks used to hold them together, a white pillow, and a green buoy with dark green rings. Above his bed is a diving board connected to a ladder, which appears to be used to jump from one room to another to put on his clothes, as seen in "Help Wanted."

Objects in his room include a foghorn that serves as an alarm clock, which sits atop a barrel, a food bowl from which his pet snail Gary eats, piles of newspaper near the bowl for Gary to sleep on, a toy treasure chest, a scallop that hangs in a birdcage, and a giant calendar.

There is also a closet in the room, in which SpongeBob stores his pants.

The season 5 episode "Night Light" shows that there is another bathroom attached to the bedroom.

There is also an escape hatch to the grassy roof of the house, which is seen in "Jellyfish Jam," "Something Smells," "That Sinking Feeling," "Love That Squid," and "Gary's New Toy." This terrace is hidden by the leaves atop the pineapple.

As seen in Battle for Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob's bedroom is on the first floor as SpongeBob's house appears to only have one floor in that video game.


SpongeBob's third floor contains an escape hatch to the roof. Most of the time, SpongeBob climbs onto his roof to avoid various types of danger, although he also runs up his wall to the roof in, "Best Day Ever" where Gary is revealed to be at the top of. The roof contains one unfurnished room with no ceiling, and the wall is made out of the green crown of the pineapple.


SpongeBob's house destroyed in "Big Sister Sam."

  • "Home Sweet Pineapple" - SpongeBob's pineapple house is destroyed by nematodes, but it grows back when SpongeBob plants the seed it got reduced to.
  • "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" - A giant worm, which ravages the entire city of Bikini Bottom, destroys parts of the house. Alongside, the worm might've smashed the house along with the rest of Bikini Bottom after the worm falls off a cliff.
  • "Opposite Day" - SpongeBob and Patrick destroy the house on purpose, only to be fixed by Squidward, shortly afterward.
  • "Procrastination" - SpongeBob's house catches on fire in his dream.
  • "Spy Buddies" - SpongeBob's house gets fried and turns black when a self-destructed patty explodes in Patrick's pants.
  • "Sing a Song of Patrick" - The house is destroyed by Patrick's song.
  • "Frankendoodle" - DoodleBob erases part of the house.
  • "The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom" - Rrarrg throws SpongeBob's house, along with Squidward and Patrick Star's house.
  • "Big Sister Sam" - Sam destroys the house in a rage, along with Patrick and Squidward's house.
  • "Gone" - Boatmobile crashes through the house's wall multiple times.
  • Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast - Jimmy's rocket sliced the house.
  • "A Pal for Gary" - Monstrous Puffy Fluffy chases after Gary around the house and causes various damage as the episode goes on.
  • "That Sinking Feeling" - SpongeBob's house, along with the rest of Bikini Bottom, sunk underground.
  • "New Fish in Town" - Squidward threw SpongeBob's house off a cliff with a bulldozer, along with Patrick's rock and Howard's trailer.
  • "A Friendly Game" - SpongeBob and Patrick opened up the first floor to turn it into a golf course, and caused various amounts of damage while playing.
  • "Mermaid Man Begins" - The house was blown away by a storm in a curly fashion.
  • "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom" - Swallowed by the giant Krabby Patty.
  • "Home Sweet Rubble" - When SpongeBob's house rotted, his friends all pitched in to remodel it. However, a design oversight caused it to collapse, but it was soon replaced with a fully-furnished pineapple in a can.
  • "Glove World R.I.P." - A Glove World! roller coaster crashes in SpongeBob's library.
  • "Gary's New Toy" - The house catches on fire.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - Ransacked by an angry mob during the apocalypse on Bikini Bottom.
  • "Unreal Estate" - Most of it is eaten by Patrick.
  • "Don't Wake Patrick" - Patrick makes a mess in the living room and threw a refrigerator through a wall while sleep-walking.
  • "Bunny Hunt" - Bunny Wunny destroys most of SpongeBob's living room while eating hot sauce. Later, when Patrick and the bunny crawls underneath the wallpaper, they knock over various things on the walls and ceiling.
  • "Chatterbox Gary" - After Squidward stole the translation collar and replaced it with a fake one, he spoke through the walkie-talkie and made SpongeBob create a big hole on the side of his house. Then he made SpongeBob attach wheels on the bottom and it rolled away. Luckily, the house rolled back and implanted back to where it was.
  • "Drive Happy" - SpongeBob destroys the front of his home to allow Coupe to enter. Coupe also destroys SpongeBob's bed, and leaves muddy tire tracks all over the house.
  • "Appointment TV" - SpongeBob's VCR goes haywire and causes a fire in the living room.
Present Falling on SpongeBob 22 Minute Birthday Blowout.jpeg
  • "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout" - The house was completely destroyed by all of the party goers throughout the episode. However, in the 22-minute version of this episode​​ the house is not destroyed.



Pineapple-pocalypse! 🍍💥 Every Time SpongeBob's Pineapple House Was Destroyed


SpongeBob's house being sentient in the episode "Truth or Square"

Just like Squidward's house, SpongeBob's house has shown sentience on a few occasions.

  • "Procrastination" - SpongeBob's house can be seen on fire during SpongeBob's dream. It asks why it was set on fire, before then telling SpongeBob to stop wasting time and actually do his essay. In this appearance, the door simulates a mouth, while the upper window represents an eye (although the first floor window is not used as an eye).
  • "Ghost Host" - The Flying Dutchman possesses SpongeBob's house in order to scare SpongeBob. Its appearance in this episode is similar to that of "Procrastination." However, both windows are used as eyes instead of just one window.
  • "Truth or Square" - SpongeBob's house can be seen sentient in the "Rubber Hose Rag" song in Patchy the Pirate's World of Rare and Rejected SpongeBob Clips. It grows arms and legs to help SpongeBob go to the sentient Krusty Krab. This iteration of SpongeBob's house has the ability to grow arms and legs, a door mouth, and it has both windows for eyes (unlike in "Procrastination").
  • "Unreal Estate" - SpongeBob's house can be seen sentient during SpongeBob's flashbacks. It can be seen going down the slide with SpongeBob (crushing him in the process), taking photos in a photo booth, and playing pillow fight with SpongeBob. Although it has limbs like in "Truth or Square," this iteration of his house has no facial features.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run - When SpongeBob finds out that Gary went missing, the house becomes sentient and shouts his name. Its appearance here has no facial features besides the giant mouth.


Permanent residents

Temporary residents


SpongeBob's house cameo on Jimmy Neutron

SpongeBob's house in the background of a Winx Club game on Nick.com

  • SpongeBob's house has appeared in other Nickelodeon shows and games:
    • In an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius called "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion," Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen go into the ocean to look for a tracking device, and when they find it, a pineapple can be seen at the mid-right. A Nickelodeon commercial stated that the pineapple was indeed SpongeBob's house.
    • In a Winx Club game on Nick.com called "Sirenix Surfers," SpongeBob's house is seen on the blue ocean background, complete with its porthole windows and door.
  • In "The Curse of Bikini Bottom," it is revealed that there is a dinosaur skeleton under SpongeBob's house.

A SpongeBob-themed villa, at Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts in Punta Cana, has an exterior based on SpongeBob's house.

  • In "Squid Baby," it is mentioned by SpongeBob that his house contains an attic.
  • In the episode "Truth or Square," it shows that a cargo ship was carrying fruit, and a pineapple fell out of the ship and landed near Squidward's house; a door and windows suddenly appear.
  • The episodes "BlackJack," "Pet Sitter Pat," and "Bubble Buddy Returns" reveal that the post office uses "The Pineapple" and "The Big Pineapple" as alternates to "124 Conch Street."
  • The staircase inside SpongeBob's house is sometimes on the left side, and sometimes it's on the right side, or it could be on both sides.
  • In the episode "I'm with Stupid," after SpongeBob crashes into his house, Marty says, "That's unhealthy," after Janet says, "He lives in a fruit?" This is because of their stupidity.
  • In "One Krabs Trash," his bedroom is on the first floor, while it is usually on the third floor.
  • In "Procrastination," the voice for SpongeBob's house in his dream is provided by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • There is a game on TLC.com in which players have to match coupons to the correct item and one of the coupons has the pineapple house on it.

SpongeBob's house is missing one of the windows.

Another image of SpongeBob's house missing one of the windows.

SpongeBob's house missing one of the windows in "Life Insurance."

  • In the episode "Help Wanted," when SpongeBob's house was seen for the first time, there is only one window in the front. This was a feature in some of the other early episodes, such as "Jellyfishing" and "Boating School," but after 1999, it is almost always depicted with multiple windows on the front.
    • In 2017 in the beginning of the episode "Life Insurance," SpongeBob's house only has one window.
  • Sometimes, the garage at the back of SpongeBob's house is directly in the center, and sometimes, more off to the side. Sometimes, there's a back door in the center.
  • His house is sometimes shown as an actual pineapple and other times, it appears to be made of wood.
  • When one compares the outside and inside of SpongeBob's house, his house looks a lot bigger on the inside.
  • In the episodes "Help Wanted," "Pickles," "Employee of the Month," "One Krabs Trash," and "Best Day Ever," SpongeBob's bed is placed on the right side of his room, but in other episodes, his bed is on the left side.
  • If a straw is stuck in the side in the house, one could use it to drink the pineapple juice from it. This is demonstrated by the nematodes in the episode "Home Sweet Pineapple."
  • In the episode "Boating School," SpongeBob's library is located right where the staircase should be. Yet, in later episodes, the true passageway to SpongeBob's library is unknown though many instances show that it is located just before the stairs, supposedly if SpongeBob has a hallway connecting the stairs and the library.
  • In the episode "Suds," SpongeBob's house is frozen because he left his refrigerator open for too long.
  • There are three SpongeBob LEGO sets that come with his house: Adventures in Bikini Bottom (3827), Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom (3834) and Bikini Bottom Undersea Party (3818).
  • SpongeBob can often be seen exiting via the window of the pineapple.
  • In the episode "Sanctuary!," the house becomes a snail sanctuary.
  • The lines on his house are shown to be removable in "Squidville" when Patrick uses his reef blower to remove them.
  • In "Pineapple Invasion," it is revealed that the sand floor in SpongeBob's house is actually some type of carpet that covers blue metal plating.
  • The interior of SpongeBob's house has corners even though the exterior is round.
  • The prototype design had a missing window.
  • In the winter of 2012, a YouTube video posted by Vihart led to SpongeBob's house being redesigned slightly.[2]