SpongeBob's bedroom is a room located in SpongeBob's house. It is where SpongeBob, his pet snail Gary, and his pet scallop Shelley sleep. It first appears in the episode "Help Wanted" and makes numerous appearances onward.


The bedroom is located on the second floor of SpongeBob's house and has red bamboo wallpaper on the right side and blue metal wallpaper on the left. The left side also contains a porthole window from which the inside of Squidward's house can be seen.

In the middle there is a bed that contains three white mattresses, bamboo sticks used to hold them together, a white pillow, and a green buoy with dark green rings. Above his bed is a diving board connected to a ladder, which appears to be used to jump from one room to another to put on his clothes, as seen in "Help Wanted."

Objects in his room include a foghorn that serves as an alarm clock, which sits atop a barrel, a food bowl from which his pet snail Gary eats, piles of newspaper near the bowl for Gary to sleep on, a toy treasure chest, a scallop that hangs in a birdcage, and a giant calendar.

There is also a closet in the room, in which SpongeBob stores his pants.

The season 5 episode "Night Light" shows that there is another bathroom attached to the bedroom.

There is also an escape hatch to the grassy roof of the house, which is seen in "Jellyfish Jam," "Something Smells," "That Sinking Feeling," and "Love That Squid."

Role in series

SpongeBob's bedroom is a recurring location in the series and is often seen at the beginning of an episode when SpongeBob wakes up in the morning and his foghorn alarm goes off. SpongeBob, Gary, and Shelley all sleep in this room. SpongeBob has also had a few roommates throughout the series.

"Home Sweet Pineapple"

SpongeBob wakes up to discover that his bedroom along with the rest of his house is shrinking due to the nematodes consuming it.

"Can You Spare a Dime?"

After losing his job as a Krusty Krab cashier, Squidward stays at SpongeBob's house for the time being and sleeps in this room, forcing SpongeBob to sleep in the living room.

"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"

SpongeBob and Patrick raise a scallop named Junior, who sleeps in a cradle in SpongeBob's room.


Squidward sleeps with SpongeBob in this room after the destruction of his house leaves him nowhere to sleep under.

"Snooze You Lose"

SpongeBob and Patrick have a sleepover in the former's bedroom.