The SpongeBob's Truth or Square? DVD is a SpongeBob SquarePants collection that contains a movie entitled "Truth or Square" and four season six episodes.

Disc 1

Title card # Title
[[File:|70px|center]] ' "Truth or Share" {{{Date}}}
My life has been a series of accidents.
[[File:|70px|center]] ' "Icy Twippo!" {{{Date}}}
Nothing tastes better than a cookie baked in a tree, on a nice bagel, with a glass of milk, and a smiling gourd.
[[File:|70px|center]] ' "Choir of LaMancha" {{{Date}}}
My ticket!
[[File:|70px|center]] ' "Krusty Bushes" {{{Date}}}
It lies atop a mound of snow!
[[File:|70px|center]] ' "Linny's Card" {{{Date}}}
No cards, that's plain to see.


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