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This is the page about SpongeBob's Truth or Square (DVD). For other uses, see Truth or Square (disambiguation).

SpongeBob's Truth or Square is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released on November 10, 2009 and contains five episodes from season 6.


123-124 - "Truth or Square" (full screen letterbox format) (extended version)
112a - "Porous Pockets" (full screen format)
112b - "Choir Boys" (full screen format)
113a - "Krusty Krushers" (full screen format)
113b - "The Card" (full screen format)
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  • Paul Mavis of DVDTalk said in a review of it, that "I can't see much point in recommending a purchase for [it] when the "uncut" version of Truth or Square has already been released on the first volume of the Sixth Season release (and those live-action bits that are left out of the regular cable airings aren't worth a separate purchase anyway), and when you know the four bonus cartoons here will show up on the Sixth Series' second volume release. A rental, therefore, for [it]... only if you really need to see a few minutes Robin Williams and Tina Fey (and god help you if you do)."[1]
  • Currently retired critic Roy Hrab of the DVD Verdict called the 10th anniversary episode "Truth or Square" "the lamest SpongeBob episode ever," calling it "all filler, extremely boring, with the story going nowhere, and little action or mania," while also criticizing the Patchy segments and the celebrity cameos as "drawing attention to the episode's lack of substance." He called the rest of the episodes "the weakest I've seen," plus "tired" and "boring. The episodes here are the weakest I've seen."[2]



  • The DVD includes previews of other Nickelodeon DVDs. These include older SpongeBob DVDs, the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square, and Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure.
  • On The Pilot a Mini-Movie and the Square Shorts DVD, the 51-minute version of "Truth or Square" is used instead of the extended version found on this DVD.
  • This DVD contains ten chapters due to "Truth or Square" being six chapters long, so the last episode on this DVD, "The Card," would be chapter 10, not 5.
  • After "The Card," the DVD goes straight to the main menu, rather than showing the credits.
  • In the Korean release, some of the other episodes are replaced with "No Hat for Pat" and "Toy Store of Doom."
  • This is the first SpongeBob DVD for a few things:
    • The first single-disc SpongeBob DVD to use the new Nickelodeon logo in the United States and Canada.
      • However, the new Nickelodeon logo was not seen on the DVD entirely, as this DVD still uses the Nickelodeon fish logo in the opening like all of the other SpongeBob DVDs before this one.
      • Despite the Region 1/North American release using the 2009 logo, the 1984 Nickelodeon Splat logo is still used on some of the international covers such as the UK.
    • The first SpongeBob DVD to contain a widescreen episode. The second is It's a SpongeBob Christmas! DVD. However, the episode is technically not in true widescreen but rather full screen in the letterbox format.
    • The first SpongeBob DVD to have less than 6 episodes.
    • The first DVD to include an episode that was produced in 720p: in this case, it is "Truth or Square."
  • Although they are related to the titular episode, "Balloons," "Juice Man," "The Outfit," and "Traffic" are not on this DVD.
  • This DVD was re-released in the Triple Pack 1 DVD along with Whale of a Birthday and SpongeBob's WhoBob WhatPants? on March 13, 2012.


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