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SpongeBob's Place was a restaurant that appears in the episode of the same name. It was running until it was shut down by the health department with thanks to Squidward Tentacles.




It is a restaurant that is located in SpongeBob's house, with a lighted sign that reads the restaurant's name written in dark and light red letters with a lighted yellow arrow pointing to it. On top of the building is a large SpongeBob statue that shows him running and holding a Krabby Patty. There is a drive-thru outside of the building as well.


The interior of SpongeBob's Place looks exactly like SpongeBob's house. Customers can eat inside the living room area of SpongeBob's house, and the kitchen is used as the kitchen.

Role in episode

The customers love the Krabby Patty so much that they start calling it "SpongeBob Patty". One of the customers gets the idea of renaming the Krusty Krab to SpongeBob's Place. The rest of the customers agree with that idea, and chants "SpongeBob's Place!" Mr. Krabs becomes jealous of SpongeBob, so he tells him that ghosts are haunting the Krusty Krab, and tells him to stay away from the Krusty Krab until they are gone.

At SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob makes Krabby Patties in his kitchen, and people smell them and asks if he can make more. Later on, a crowd of people are eating Krabby Patties at a place called SpongeBob's Place.

Squidward decides to call the health department because of this. Mr. Krabs goes inside and tells SpongeBob that he deserves his own place, but SpongeBob says he needs a boss, and Mr. Krabs accepts.

Later on, they get shut down by the health department because they were not allowed to sell food in a pineapple.
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