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All The Bubble Pop Money Can Buy!

Mr. Krabs is popping bubble wrap, and he is almost done. Tap the bubbles to pop them. If you do so, you win, and Mr. Krabs will hold a bubble wrap sheet in his hands and cheer. If you run out of time, you lose, and the bubble wrap will strangle him.

Command: Pop the bubbles!

Band Geeks

This minigame is based off "Band Geeks," the episode of the same name. SpongeBob SquarePants is singing Sweet Victory. The goal is to tap the screen every time a note hits the bubble. If you do, he will sing the note correctly. If he manages to sing correctly, a cut-scene will play where he and his friends are jamming as their stage lights up, and you win. If you miss a note, he slips up and gets jeered, and you lose.


Sandy Cheeks is on the left side of the scene and has to use her karate skills to block the oncoming attacks. If she gets hit once, you lose, and a cutscene will play where she stumbles backward from the blow and becomes dizzy. If the attacks are blocked, you win, and Sandy will flex her muscles. The attacks have their name changed to "Kah-rah-teh" in the command, SpongeBob is implied to be the person launching the attacks in her direction.

Command: Block the Kah-rah-teh!


Larry the Lobster is playing basketball. The goal is to swipe down when he reaches the basketball hoop. If you win, Larry will smash the hoop into the ground and pop the ball with his clenched fist. On a failure, his momentum will send him falling to his death.

Command: Dunk like a hunk!

Bed of Good Neighbors

In this scene, Squidward Tentacles is in bed, but he hears something. Swipe the screen as Squidward pulls the covers off his body to investigate. If you do so enough times, you win, and Squidward will find that his neighbors, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star are in bed with him, much to his annoyance. If you run out of time, you lose, and Squidward will only find junk in his bed. SpongeBob and Patrick will attempt to bring his cake to him, but they are startled and splatter his face with the cake. It is based off the episode "Opposite Day" (specifically the opening). The good ending is rather ironic.

Command: Pull the covers!

Best Friends Ring

The player has to wind up the Friendship ring so it can work. Slide a circle on the handle's path. On a success, the ring opens and the figures inside say, "It's the Best Friends Forever Ring!" in a giddy tone. On a failure, it malfunctions so they say, "It's the Worst Friends Forever Ring!" in a grumpy tone while holding clubs.

Command: Activate the best friends ring!

Boat Test

This is based off Mrs. Puff's Boating School. The player has to stay inside the cones. Tilt to steer. On a success, SpongeBob SquarePants passes, and he and Mrs. Puff laugh in glee. On a failure, SpongeBob crashes, and his teacher gets angry at him for his failure.

Command: Pass the road test!

Bubble Stand

SpongeBob must blow a bubble. Hold the screen as he blows up the bubble. If he takes too long, it bursts and you lose. If you blow a big-enough bubble, SpongeBob creates a masterpiece, and you win.

Command: Blow a Bubble!

Catapult Crook

In this minigame, you have to wind up the catapult by sliding the circle pad in a circle. If you do so, you win, and Squidward Tentacles will be sent flying to his doom as the vikings laugh. If you take too long, a cutscene will play with Squidward laughing.

Command: Launch Squidward!

Crusty Colosseum

Sheldon J. Plankton is in a wrecking ball machine. He must knock over the Krusty Krab. To knock over the restaurant, manipulate the gravity. If you demolish the Krusty Krab, you win, and Plankton builds a Colosseum. If you take too long, Plankton is sent flying out of his own wrecking ball and you lose.

The endings are rather ironic.

Command: Demolish the Krusty Krab

Fist Of Pain

This is based off "Roller Cowards." SpongeBob SquarePants and his friend Patrick Star must ride the Fist Of Pain rollercoaster. They have to avoid the gaps in their path. The coaster will jump when you tap the screen. If they fall into a gap, you fail, and the boys will fall off and crash while screaming.

Command: Ride the Fist Of Pain!

Gadolinium Krabs

In this game, SpongeBob must refrain from putting a coin into the robot's slot. If he manages to do so, you win, and Mr. Krabs takes the coin. If SpongeBob does insert the coin, you lose, and the Chum Bucket is destroyed. The bad ending is rather ironic, but the good ending fits how Mr. Krabs likes money. This mini-game is based off "Imitation Krabs."

Command: Don't self-destruct!

Golfing Plankton

In this game, Mr. Krabs is preparing a golf club. The goal is to tap the screen when he has a full power meter and Sheldon J. Plankton is standing close. If you time it right, Mr. Krabs swings his hardest swing, and Plankton is sent flying so fast he splatters on his own restaurant. If you mistime the swing, Plankton makes his getaway, and Mr. Krabs misses him and hits himself.

Great Krabby Patty

In this game, SpongeBob SquarePants is making a Krabby Patty while singing about how Krabby Patties are good. To win this game, he must put the fix-ins in order. Tap on the next fix-in he needs to place. If you get it right within the time alloted, SpongeBob will complete his Krabby Patty. Running out of time or tapping the wrong fix-in destroys the Krabby Patty, causing Mr. Krabs to get angry at him as SpongeBob loses his appetite.

Command: Add the fix-ins!

Jellyfish Hunter

SpongeBob is going jellyfishing. He needs to catch the pink Jellyfishes. The jellyfishes vary in their color, but at least a few are pink, and once the pink ones are caught in their entirety, you win and SpongeBob will show off his success. If you take too long, SpongeBob gets stung and you lose. Jellyfishes of other colors must not be caught. This is based off "Jellyfish Hunter."

Lovely Krabby Patty

In this game, SpongeBob SquarePants is adding ketchup to a Krabby Patty. He needs to trace the heart formation, which you must draw on the Krabby Patty. If you get the formation, SpongeBob will praise his work and you win. If you run out of time, you lose, and Mr. Krabs yells at him and SpongeBob loses his appetite (just like in Lovely Krabby Patty).

Command: Add the love!

Medallion Mix-up

Squidward has to complete the Medallion of Atlantis. The Medallion's stars are already near their position, and you must drag them there. If you do, he and the gang will admire the Medallion's beauty and you win. If you run out of time, Squidward will repeatedly smash two of the Medallion's stars together in his attempt to join them, but this causes him to disintegrate though his eyes survive. This is based off "Atlantis SquarePantis."

Command: Complete the Medallion.

Muscle Beach

The player has to swipe up to lift the dumbbell. On a success, SpongeBob SquarePants will lift the dumbbell, and he will rip his pants. On a failure, his arms pop off, causing him to be annoyed about his failure. This is based off "Ripped Pants."

Command: Get ripped!

Rude Awakening

Squidward is sleeping in his bed. SpongeBob has to wake him up. Tap the screen repeatedly. If you do so, you win, and Squidward snaps awake. If you take too long, you lose, and they become elders. The good ending is rather ironic.

Command: Wake Squidward!

Rude Awakening, Part 2

Sandy Cheeks is sleeping in her bed, and SpongeBob and Patrick are playing tag. The goal is to avoid tapping the screen or jostling the device, lest she wakes up to their antics. If you manage to survive without jostling the device, you win, and she decides to let the boys sleep by her side. If you jostle the device, you lose, and Sandy will become psychotic and chase after her guests. The good ending did not actually occur in the episode itself, which is titled Survival of the Idiots.

Command: Don't Wake Sandy!

Safe Scaler

Sheldon J. Plankton is attempting to crack the code to the Krabby Patty secret formula's safe within the Krusty Krab restaurant. Tilt the device in the direction that he must go in, and line up the symbols. If you do so, you win, and Plankton opens the door to get his prize... but Mr. Krabs sprays Plankton's eyes! If you take too long, Plankton suffers a Screen KO as Mr. Krabs says, "You fail again, Plankton!"

Command: Steal the formula!

Scare The Kid

The player has to tap the screen as a kid tries to make his way across the crosswalk. If you do so, you win, and the Flying Dutchman will scare the kid and regain his confidence. A failure (running out of time, tapping the screen at the wrong time) involves the Flying Dutchman looking at the player with an annoyed expression as the kid taunts him.

Command: Scare the kid!

Seahorse Shuffle

A Seahorse broke his way into the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob SquarePants has to hide him. If the Seahorse spends too much time on-screen, you lose, and Mr. Krabs gets angry.

Command: Hide the seahorse!

Snail Dentistry

Gary the Snail has gotten horrid teeth! He cannot continue on like this forever! Brush the gross dirt off his dentition.

If you knock out all the dirt, Gary smiles, and you win. If you take too long, you lose, and he gets even worse teeth.

Snow Angel

Patrick Star must make a snow angel, and he needs your help. To win this game, slide your finger up and down until it is complete. If you do so, Patrick will admire his work. Running out of time results in a failure which involves him crying over the dent his back made in the snow.

Command: Make an angel!

Squidward Live Stage

Squidward is dancing, and he needs your help. Tap on his limbs as he strikes different poses. If you get enough patterns, you win, and he will feel elated over his victory. If you run out of time, his work will be for naught, and the crowd boos him and a cane pulls him off-screen by his neck. This is based off the episode "Culture Shock."

Command: Dance!

Stand Up

Patrick is shown in the middle. The goal is to make sure he does not fall. If you survive until the end, you win, and Patrick gets his picture taken by Mr. Krabs. If he falls, you lose and two of the pictures in the background fall on the floor.

Command: Don't Fall!

Ungah Over The Ungah

In this minigame, SpongeGar must jump over a hole. If he falls in, you lose. On a success (that is, when you run out of time), SpongeGar places his logs on a fire pit so he can cook the burger.

Command: Vault/Jump over the hole!

Wig Wham!

SpongeBob SquarePants is trying to knock someone's wig off. Tap the screen to blow wind. If you do so, you win, SpongeBob knocks the wig off and he wears it as a mustache, and the man cries and his tears form a lake SpongeBob floats on with a personal flotation device. If you take too long, you lose, and SpongeBob flies over the man and smashes his face on a wrench, causing the man to feel bad for SpongeBob.

Command: Kick the hair piece!

Yacht Yanking

In this minigame, Sandy Cheeks is pulling on a barge on the surface with all her might. The player has to swipe so she can dodge the obstacles.

If you win, Sandy will yank the Yacht and it will sink. On a failure, different objects will be swept up in her wake.

Command: Yank the yacht!

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