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*[[Sandy Cheeks]]
*[[Sandy Cheeks]]
*[[Mermaid Man]] & Barnacle Boy
*[[Mermaid Man]] & Barnacle Boy
*Mrs. Puff
*Mrs. Puff ( Wii Exclusive )
*Seymour Scales
*Seymour Scales
*Anchovie (Non-Playable)
*Anchovie (Non-Playable)

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SpongeBob's Boating Bash

SpongeBob's Boating Bash is a Wii game released March 2010. It is a SpongeBob driving game.


SpongeBob is assisted by a D.R.I.V.E. mentor named Seymour Scales to earn his license and pass the last test of the year. Seymour's D.R.I.V.E course stands for Demolition,Recklessness,Impairment,Velocity and Escape.




ya wanna know what boats are available in the game see list of boats in spongebob's boating bash

  • Plankton when idle 1: How am I supposed to take over if I'm not doing anything?
  • 2: Let's get going already before I lose an antenna from sheer bordum!
  • 3: Ah, where's my mind control device?
  • 4: Come on and do something!
  • 5: I can't win it if I'm not in it!
  • 6: If I see this stretch of road one more time I'm going to set this controller to self-destruct!
  • 7: You can see me in here, can't you!
  • 8: left a bit, right a bit, fire!
  • 9: Noooooooooo! Go the other way!
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