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SpongeBob's Boating Bash is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game released for the Wii and Nintendo DS. The video game was developed by Impulse Games on Wii and Firebrand Games on Nintendo DS and published by THQ. It was released on March 2, 2010 in North America, and on March 26, 2010 in the United Kingdom. It is a SpongeBob SquarePants racing and derby game.


SpongeBob is assisted by a D.R.I.V.E. mentor named Seymour Scales to earn his license and pass the last test of the year. Seymour's D.R.I.V.E course stands for Destruction, Recklessness, Impairment, Velocity, and Escape. It all started when SpongeBob failed his driving test after the tutorial on how to play the game. Mrs. Puff told him how to drive the right way, then she told him to drive without assistance.

SpongeBob got worried and ended up failing. As a result, he is upset and is sitting outside of boating school. A bus stops near him, as Seymour steps off and introduces himself. Knowing that SpongeBob has failed his driving test, Seymour informs SpongeBob about D.R.I.V.E.

Soon, SpongeBob's friends help him pass, but in the end, when SpongeBob got his license, Mrs. Puff informs him the license is not real. Seymour enters his vehicle, as does SpongeBob. SpongeBob bashes Seymour's vehicle, as random items fall out of Seymour's trunk, stopping/slowing SpongeBob down.

SpongeBob ends up winning, while Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy restrain Seymour. SpongeBob is upset and decides to go take Mrs. Puff's driving school again.


The main genre of the game is a destruction derby, with racing as a sub-genre. Players can play as their favorite SpongeBob characters and drive boats to smash opponents. The main gameplay is divided into five sub-genres each forming the acronym D.R.I.V.E.

Game Modes

  • Destruction - All participants must smash each other to collect the most fallen boat parts.
  • Recklessness - Players must smash and perform different actions to obtain D.R.I.V.E points.
  • Recklessness Velocity (Wii version only) - Same as Recklessness, however, the player must survive and finish the race to get their score to be recorded.
  • Impairment - A "last one standing' mode where all participants must push each other into pits.
  • Velocity - A standard "race to the finish" mode.
  • Escape - Players must survive waves of enemies. Finishing a wave of enemies within the set time will receive a full boat repair for the next wave.

The game even features a multiplayer mode and a replay saving system so the player can watch their favorite replays. A maximum of only five replays can be saved.


Default characters

Unlockable characters


Unlocking criteria

Wii version:

  • Eugene H. Krabs (unlock Class V)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton (beat 3 Lessons in Class V)
  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (beat Lesson 1 in Class E)
  • Mrs. Puff (beat 3 Lessons in Final Exams)
  • Seymour Scales (beat final boss)

DS version

  • Squidward Tentacles (pay $25)
  • Eugene H. Krabs (pay $100)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton (pay $250)
  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (pay $1,000)
  • Seymour Scales (complete Story Mode)




  • "How am I supposed to take over if I'm not doing anything?"
  • "Let's get going already before I lose an antenna from sheer boredom!"
  • "Ah, where's my mind control device?"
  • "Come on and do something!"
  • "I can't win it if I'm not in it!"
  • "If I see this stretch of road one more time I'm going to set this controller to self-destruct!"
  • "You can see me in here, can't you!"
  • "My small moves provide better aerodynamics!"
  • "I will have my revenge!"
  • "I love to look down on people!"
  • "NO! Go the other way!"
  • "I went to college!"
  • "I will rule the world!"
  • "Watch out below! I never get to say that."


  • "This sponge is still mobile!"
  • "I'm gonna knock you into next week! Or maybe just the next lane."
  • "Get off the road granddad!"
  • "Should I put my head between my knees now?"
  • "I've got you in my sights."
  • "Hey, watch that speed limit!"
  • "I am so fast!"
  • "Excuse me, can someone please kiss my boo-boo?"
  • "Aww, shucks! I think I ripped my pants."
  • "Have you read the Highway Code?!"
  • "Let the boat bits fly!"
  • "That's the way you take them down!"
  • "That tickles!"


  • "Wait, I'm flying?!"
  • "I think I can see my house from up here."
  • "In the event of an sudden decrease in counter-pressure, hold on tight!"
  • "This is just like being in a hammock. I need some iced tea."
  • "Why I oughta!"
  • "If you ask me nicely, I might slow down!"
  • "Next time, I'm driving the bus."
  • "Is there something else holding this boatmobile up?!"
  • "Back to the clarinet for me, then!"
  • "I didn't realize we started yet."
  • "Squidward is the king of the roads!"
  • "This calamari is fresh!"
  • "I needed a break anyway."
  • "You're no match from my perfect aim!"
  • "On three! One, two... D'oh, whoops!"
  • "Good enough for an A?!"
  • "Are you happy now?"
  • "Would it help if I use the gas pedal?"
  • "You can't catch me, I'm the Squidinator!


  • "It's a bird it's a plane it's a... sea star!"
  • "I know a lot about head injuries."
  • "Look at me, I'm flying!"
  • "Oh yeah I rule!"
  • "Oh, driving is so easy. You want me to give you lessons pal?"
  • "I'm the king of the castle, you're the dirty rascal!"
  • "Aah! Don't knock my toes off! Oh, wait... I don't have toes."
  • "I think I'll just sit here. Not!"
  • "Is there a mechanic in the house?"
  • "Go Patrick! Go Patrick! Yay!"
  • "Dad always said to keep my feet on the floor. He never mentions my car."
  • "Ha! I'm good at this."
  • "You're a cheater cheater, pumpkin eater."
  • "Tell me you're coming back for me! Pleeeeease?"
  • "I wanna go in your boatmobile next time!"
  • "Is this thing on?"


  • "Prepare for a long, merciless whoopin'!"
  • "Y'all better stay down now, ya hear?"
  • "Your butt is uglier than homemade soup!"
  • "My friends back in Texas would be jealous of that jump."
  • "Yee-haw! This is rooting-tooting fantastic!"
  • "That's one for the land critters!"
  • "Don't you dare take the name of Texas in vain."
  • "Just try and keep up with this land critter."
  • "Y'all better look out!"
  • "Get me back on dry land and we'll have a rematch!"
  • "My beautiful boatmobile!"
  • "Well, I'll be a dune bug in a madian meeting!"
  • "Whoop! Whoop!"
  • "Look! I'm a bird!"
  • "Woo-wee! Now that was fast!"
  • "Aw, darn it."
  • "Hey! I think you need to slow down."

Mr. Krabs

  • "Being this high won't make me any money!"
  • "Is that a dime down there?"
  • "Come back here and I'll make ya walk the plank!"
  • "Hello. I'm Mr. Krabs, and I like money!"
  • "It's not how fast you go. It's that I'm gonna get ya!"
  • "Catch me if you can, silly landlubbers!"
  • "How many times do I have to show you why I'm the boss?"
  • "There's gonna be some changes around here."
  • "I drive better sideways."
  • "Hello? May I take your money?"
  • "I've just been giving you a false sense of security."
  • "That's coming out of your paycheck!"

Mrs. Puff

  • "I'm so good at this."
  • "Have you read the Highway Code?!"
  • "I was just getting the hang of this!"
  • "You'll never get anywhere driving like that!"
  • "That was terrible driving."
  • "No, you don't! You don't know who I am!"
  • "Don't you know your stopping distances?"
  • "Hey! That's not very nice."
  • "No, you don't know me. You must have me confused with someone else."
  • "You really should watch the road more carefully!"
  • "I think I've blown my disguise."
  • "Can I get your insurance details later?"


  • "1, 2, 3, smash! 1, 2, 3, smash! Again!"
  • "Now driving like that will make a teacher cry."
  • "That's a fine student, a fine student indeed."
  • "This is why I teach these classes!"
  • "Keep up the good work, son!"
  • "This is how you jump! Now you try."
  • "Alright class! Pay attention."
  • "And this is how you floor it!"
  • "Fantastic job, son!"



SpongeBob's Boating Bash - Full Wii walkthrough


  • Both versions of this game have backwards compatibility.
    • The Wii version can be played on all Wii U units.
    • The DS version can be played on all 3DS/2DS/DSi units.
  • Seymour's line "I would've pulled it off too, if it weren't for Mrs. Puff's meddling around!" is a reference to Scooby-Doo.
  • This is the first SpongeBob SquarePants video game to use the new Nickelodeon logo on the box art.
  • This was the last SpongeBob SquarePants video game to have the PlayTHQ logo.
  • This is the only SpongeBob SquarePants video game on Wii to use the Wii Wheel.
  • Some of the game's soundtrack is reused from Creature from the Krusty Krab.
  • There is an exclusive feature on the DS version that is only for the Nintendo DSi, which the player can take a picture and then add SpongeBob-themed stickers to it. However, the player cannot save the pictures. If the player has a regular DS, it is completely deleted.
    • This will also work with the Nintendo 3DS systems since they have cameras as well.
  • The Wii and Nintendo DS versions have different gameplay styles.
  • This, SuperSponge, and SpongeBob's Truth or Square are the only video games where Ernest Borgnine actually does the voice of Mermaid Man. In all other video games appearances of Mermaid Man, he was voiced by Joe Whyte or Joe Alaskey.



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