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The Spinner is an enemy character in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


They are generally short fish who own rabid worms. If SpongeBob or Patrick approach them, the worm will start spinning uncontrollably and slowly chase the two.

"Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt"

They are thugs. The fish are light blue and wear eye patches over their left eyes. They have white beards, wear blue shirts with purple sleeves, and a white captain's hat with a blue brim and an insignia on the front.

The worms have dark green and purple stripes and wear a spiked collar.

"Shell City, Dead Ahead" and Name's Dennis..."

They are fish under the control of Plankton. They are emerald-green fish with mustard-yellow stomachs. They wear pink pants and a Chum Bucket bucket helmet on their heads. On the helmet, they wear glasses with rectangular lens. The left eye is blue and the right eye is yellow.

The worms are pink and wear green collars. Both the fish and the worms glow.

"Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions"

They are fish under the control of Plankton. They are light green fish with dark green fins and purple lips. They wear red T-shirts and blue pants. On their heads, they wear Chum Bucket bucket helmets.

The worms have light green and dark green stripes and wear blue collars.


  • Worm rage

Role in game

Spinners are the fifth type of enemy introduced in the game, and they first appear in the level "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt." When SpongeBob or Patrick approach them, the worm will bark at them. If they get close to the Spinner, the worm will charge at them, making the fish hold back his worm, causing the worm to go in circles while slowly following them. They cannot be hurt from the sides and can only be defeated by long-ranged attacks.

If SpongeBob or Patrick are damaged, the fish will pet their worms. They take two hits to defeat, and the Thug Spinners give the player 50 manliness points when defeated, while the Junkyard Spinners give 55 Manliness Points and the Planktopolis Spinners give 85 manliness points.


  • They are most likely inspired by the G-Love from Battle for Bikini Bottom, as they both attack by spinning.
  • Junkyard Spinners assist Dennis in his boss battle in the level "Name's Dennis..."
  • There were originally going to be Goofy Goober-themed Spinners, but they were never implemented. Concept art of them still exists.