Spicy bubbles are bubbles made​ out of hot sauce, which were invented by Patrick. They appear in the episode "Bubble Troubles."


Spicy bubbles are bubbles that are brown and orange. They also have a bubble shine and light green stench lines that are emitted from it. They are very spicy and can burn one's eyes. It is made by sticking a bubble wand into some hot sauce and blown to make the bubble.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Patrick are blowing bubbles and quickly become bored. Patrick then takes out a bottle of hot sauce. They start blowing bubbles out of the sauce and blow them into each other's eyes, which makes them scream in pain. They wonder if spicy bubbles are bad for their eyes, but they don't think so. The screaming from the effect then causes Squidward to clip off the head of his bonsai tree. The bonsai then requests that Squidward avenge it. But when he yells at SpongeBob and Patrick, SpongeBob blows a big spicy bubble that pops next to Squidward, burning him to ashes and crippling him.

SpongeBob and Patrick decide to show Sandy their bubbles. At Sandy's treedome, they see Sandy trying to fix her air pipes. She says that they are clogged up. SpongeBob and Patrick blow bubbles at the pipes to try and clean them, but instead, the bubbles destroy the air pipes. Sandy is running out of oxygen at this point, so SpongeBob and Patrick have to drive Sandy's submarine to the surface to retrieve more oxygen.


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