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Special Delivery! is a SpongeBob SquarePants Ready-to-Read book written by Steven Banks and illustrated by Vince Deporter. It was published by Simon & Schuster on September 1, 2003 and reprinted on February 7, 2011, and was reprinted again in May 2014. It has 32 pages in total.


Special Delivery!

SpongeBob is at his table, eating his breakfast and notices that if he eats 100 boxes of Yum Cereal, he can get a free toy. After he sends away for the toy, SpongeBob and Patrick pitch a tent and Squidward wonders what's going on. SpongeBob and Patrick wait over Easter, summer, Halloween, and Christmas. At last, the toy comes and SpongeBob and Patrick run inside Squidward's house.

Squidward is playing his clarinet in the tub and SpongeBob wants to show him. Squidward says no, but SpongeBob shows it to him anyway. It was just a single red string. SpongeBob dances and plays around with his string. When Patrick wants a turn, he pulls the string hard and SpongeBob breaks down in tears. They both hold a funeral for the string, where SpongeBob said, sniffling, that the string was a good little toy, which drives Squidward crazy. Overnight, Squidward sneaks out and digs up the box. SpongeBob and Patrick come outside and find Squidward as a "thief."

Squidward ties the string together, SpongeBob and Patrick are happy and Squidward tells them to go home and be quiet. The friends send away for another toy and do what they did earlier for a very long time.

SpongeBob's New Toy

SpongeBob eats a lot of cereal so he can send away for a free toy. Then he and Patrick wait outside his house for the postman. Their noisy singing keeps Squidward awake. August, October and December all come and go and SpongeBob and Patrick are still waiting. Finally, the new toy arrives – it is a piece of string! But the string breaks and SpongeBob is very upset. So when Squidward fixes the new toy, SpongeBob decides to get another free toy for him. Unluckily for Squidward, this means waiting outside his house again!



  • There is a season 5 episode based on this book called "Waiting," which aired four years after this book was originally released. However, the toy in the book was a piece of string, while it was an alien in the episode.


  • On the cover of the original and reprint editions, Patrick's eyelids are pink instead of purple.