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The Spawner is an enemy object that spawns enemies in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


Spawners are generally stationary buildings that spawn enemies. When destroyed, they will explode after a few seconds.

"I'm Ready... Depression,"

They are red and white vertically striped circus tents. The entrance of the tent is open, revealing black nothingness. Above the entrance is a small pink and purple rectangular sign with a peanut on it. On top of the tent, there is a large cannon that is gray, red-orange, and blue. It has a small striped fuse and shoots peanuts that spawn Goofy Goober-themed Foggers and Slammers.

"Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City"

They are brown, wooden outhouses. The door has a hole in the shape of a moon on it. On top of the outhouse is a wooden barrel modified to be a cannon. It has a brown fuse and the letters "CB" on it to initialize the Chum Bucket, hinting that Plankton built it. It shoots buckets that spawn hillbilly-themed Foggers, Slammers, and Flingers.

"Now That We're Men..."

They are quadrupedal trench monsters. They have one glowing green eye and multiple glowing green spots. On their heads is a cannon-like growth, which shoots green balls with light green lumps on them. These projectiles spawn Trench-themed Foggers and Poppers.

"Shell City, Dead Ahead"

They resemble miniature versions of the Chum Bucket, with the hand grabbing the handle being the cannon that shoots the enemy-spawning projectiles. They shoot buckets, which spawn Junkyard-themed Foggers and Spinners.

"Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions"

They resemble upgraded versions of the Bucket-O-Trons found in "Shell City, Dead Ahead." They lack the letters "CB" on them that their non-upgraded versions have, but they have four yellow lightbulbs surrounding the cannon on top. They shoot buckets, which spawn Planktopolis-themed Spinners, Poppers, and MERVs.


  • Enemy spawn
  • Explosion

Role in game

Spawners are the fourth enemy type introduced in the game and are first found in the level "I'm Ready... Depression." When approached, they will start shooting projectiles that spawn enemies. They will infinitely spawn enemies unless destroyed. If they are attacked, they will stop spawning enemies and explode, producing a damaging shockwave if SpongeBob and Patrick stand too close to it. After exploding, they will give the player 50 manliness points.


  • The instruction manual for the game calls the Chum Bucket-themed Spawners in the "Shell City, Dead Ahead" level "Bucket-O-Trons."
  • They are most likely based on the Duplicatotron 1000 from Battle for Bikini Bottom, as they both spawn enemies and explode when destroyed.
  • If a Bucket-O-Tron is destroyed, yellow lightbulbs can be seen amongst the wreckage, despite not having any on them.
  • In the instruction manual, instead of using an in-game model as a picture, concept art is used instead. The Turret shares this trait.
    • Also, the Spawner's entry in the manual is the only part where two pictures about the character/object in question are shown, as all the other characters/objects have one picture.