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The Sorry about the Scabies cake is a cake that SpongeBob purchases from the Bikini Bottom Bakery for Patrick's birthday in the episode "Overbooked."


It has light yellow frosting as the base color of the cake, with light blue rims at the top and bottom. The text "Sorry about the Scabies" is written on the top of the cake with pastel purple frosting. Next to the writing is a pink flower imprint and a few dark green leaves.

The cake is shown on a pink plate.

Role in episode

SpongeBob buys this cake for Patrick's birthday. He then asks the baker if she could give him another cake that reads "Happy Birthday," but she refuses and says it is the only cake she has available. SpongeBob purchases it anyway since he is running out of time.


  • Scabies is a skin disease in humans where mites burrow into the skin and cause a rash. It is similar to a disease called mange in animals with fur.
  • According to Casey Alexander's Twitter feed, the scabies joke was based on his experience with it at the age of 10.
    • "I'm allowed to make the scabies joke 'cause it comes from personal experience. My 10 year old self was delighted w/ that one."[1]
  • On Vincent Waller's blog, it's shown that the last word of the icing on the cake was different, but was changed during the editing process, which occurred in September of 2008.[2]