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Template:BTranscriptSCENE: The kitchen in the Krusty Krab.

(The camera zooms in on the closet where the buns are stored. Then, it zooms into one particular bun. PLANKTON, short of breath, uses a zipper to escape from one sesame seed.)

Plankton: Uh, all the way from the bakery! But it'll all be worth it when I get my hands on a krabby patty!

SpongeBob (entering, singing): Shooby-doob-doob-doob-doob-wah! Shooby-doob-doob-doob-doob-wah!

Plankton: Here we go! (Laughing maniacally, he zips himself back into the sesame seed as SPONGEBOB, still singing, goes to take the tray of buns. SPONGEBOB sniffs the buns.

SpongeBob: Ah! (The scene cuts to SPONGEBOB being carrying out a krabby patty on a tray from the kitchen.)

Plankton (unzipping himself): Perfect! He's headed for the front door! Now's the time to make my exit. (PLANKTON tries to escape from the bun, but stops as SPONGEBOB gives the patty to SANDY.)

SpongeBob: Here you go, Sandy. A special krabby patty for a special friend.

Sandy: Why, thanks, SpongeBob! I sure am obliged! I love these things but it's always a little tricky eating one. Pardon me. (SANDY unzips her protective clothing and inserts the krabby patty.)

Plankton: Oh, no! What's happening? (SANDY grabs the krabby patty within her protective helmet so that she can eat it.) Whoa! (He escapes as SANDY takes the first bite of the patty and slides to the bottom of her helmet. She chews.) Ew! No water! Can't breathe! (Gasping for air, he falls. The scene changes to SANDY's treedome.)

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