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"So Long, Bikini Bottom" is a song sung by Sandy in the episode "Chimps Ahoy" when she is preparing to leave Bikini Bottom.


So long Bikini Bottom,
I can't leave without a goodbye.
But please don't think bad of me,
If'n I start to cry.
So Long Bikini Bottom,
There's so many thing's I'll miss.
From your smoggy, crowded city
To your stingin' jellyfish.
This town is filled with many things
That I've come to love.
From the birds that fly upon the ground
To the flowers up above.
Farewell Bikini Bottom
Now, I really hate to go.
But the things I'll miss the most of all
Are the friends I've come to know.


  • This song is similar to the "Texas Song," which was also sung by Sandy in the episode "Texas."