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The snow sponge is an animate snowman, found in the Arctic tundra. He appears in the episode "Out of the Picture."


He is a snowman who resembles SpongeBob. His body is made of snow packed into a rectangular prism and he has sticks for arms and legs. He wears a black top hat with a gray band on his head and a red and yellow-striped scarf around his body. He has two black stones for eyes, multiple smaller stones that form a smile, and a carrot for a nose.

Role in episode

While Squidward is delivering food in the Arctic, he is blown off of a cliff by the wind and lands next to the snow sponge. He mistakes it for SpongeBob, who appears behind him with a large ice cube. After putting said ice cube in his mouth, SpongeBob helps Squidward out of the hole he is in.

After they leave, the snow sponge suddenly comes to life and starts walking past the hole Squidward landed in.