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Online game

Snail Park (online game) is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Gary in Love."


The player runs a Snail Park similar to the one from the episode "Gary in Love." They start with an empty food bowl which must be filled with snail food to attract snails. Better-quality snail food attracts rarer snails but must be bought with coins.

The player also has a variety of tools they can use. They are watering can which the player can use on snails to give them energy, a camera to take pictures of new snails to put in their photobook, a brush to brush the snails and a ball of yarn to make them play. Snails can also request the player to use the watering can, brush or ball of yarn on them.

If these wants are fulfilled, the player earns coins. Coins are used to unlock items, which are decorations for the park and buy better snail foods. Coins can also be found hidden throughout the park in sparkling places.

The goal is to unlock all items and all snails and earn all achievements.


There are a total of 54 unique snails, all with different names and favorite things, which can be items (or hints at the item involved) or food types, which can be found in the photobook. Some of them are taken from the show or references to real people. These are the snails, the brackets indicate the favorite thing:

  • Gary (normal food)
  • Bubbles (normal food)
  • Huey (normal food)
  • Slim (normal food)
  • Speedy (normal food)
  • Justin (normal food)
  • Bart (normal food)
  • Derek (normal food)
  • CJ (normal food)
  • Ethan (normal food)
  • Jo (normal food)
  • Eddie (normal food)
  • Happy (normal food)
  • Rick (normal food)
  • Alex (normal food)
  • Matt (normal food)
  • Snactus (cactus)
  • Flora (flowers)
  • Lief (flowers)
  • Rose (flowers)
  • Mumsy (mummy case)
  • Penny (bicycles)
  • Escar Gogh (paintings)
  • Snailien (UFOs)
  • Patches (treasure)
  • Billy (exotic food)
  • Black (exotic food)
  • Daniel (exotic food)
  • Foofie (exotic food)
  • Prehistoric Gary (exotic food)
  • Lary (exotic food)
  • Mary (exotic food)
  • Spike (exotic food)
  • Babe (baseball)
  • Dribbles (basketball)
  • Beetrice (honey)
  • Wolfgang (keyboards)
  • Walter Melon (watermelon)
  • Haibi (exotic food)
  • Jerry (exotic food)
  • Pixie (video games)
  • Carmen (fruit)
  • Snail Mary (football)
  • Billy the Skid (seahorses)
  • Tommy the Slug Boat (sailboats)
  • Tubs (brass instruments)
  • King Shelley (thrones)
  • Pike (pineapple)
  • Princess Slippy (tea parties)
  • Swifty (singing)
  • Super Snail (statues)
  • Sluggo (building blocks)
  • Emoji (shell phones)
  • Jail Snail (cages)


There are five achievements to earn. They are:

  • Shellfish!: Collect 100 coins total.
  • Props to You!: Unlock all the items.
  • The Slug Life!: Unlock all the snails.
  • Feeding Time!: Refill the food bowl 4 times.
  • Snailed It!: Complete every snail request.


  • If a snail sees its favorite item, it may move over to it and jump while emitting heart icons.
  • Some snails are references to real people:
  • Haibi's name is revealed in this online game.


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