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If you were looking for the article about the online game, then see Snail Park (online game).

Snail Park, also known as Pet Park[1], is a park that caters to sea snails. It first appears in the episode "Gary in Love."


It is a large park with an open grass field where many snails can play around in on the swing-sets and see-saws. There is also a coral-colored sign near the front entrance next to a fence, which reads the park's name in white capital letters.

In the episode "Plankton's Old Chum," the snail park has a different appearance with a dark purple wooden fence around it with a green wooden sign and yellow letters reading "Snail Park."

Role in series

"Gary in Love"

Gary meets Mary the Snail, who he falls in love with in the park. The tough snails from "Have You Seen This Snail?" appear here since they think that Gary was trying to "make off with [their] girl!"

"Chatterbox Gary"

After Gary throws a walkie-talkie into Squidward's throat, Squidward starts meowing like him, which attracts a group of angry worms to go after him. Squidward runs away into the Pet Park, only for the worms to follow and attack him, inflicting karma upon him.

"Gary's Got Legs"

After giving Gary a pair of legs, SpongeBob decides to take Gary to Snail Park. When they arrive, many pet owners are shocked at Gary's pair of legs. Gary soon gets into a fight with a worm and kicks it away, before kicking the worm's owner away as well. Gary then starts kicking all the pets and their owners, causing everyone to run away. SpongeBob tries to chide Gary for his behavior, but Gary playfully licks his hand, causing SpongeBob to forgive Gary.

"Plankton's Old Chum"

SpongeBob needs to find places to hide Plankton's chum. The Snail Park is one location where SpongeBob dumps some of the chum.


  • Despite it being called the Snail Park, the episode "Gary's Got Legs" shows people taking their worms to the park.
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