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Snail Fud is a brand of snail food that appears in the episodes "Procrastination" and "The Thing."


Snail Fud comes in a light lavender box with two dark red stripes across the front. There is a small yellow circle seen on the cover with a picture of a snail that has a pink shell. Between the stripes, blue text that reads the food's name in capital letters is written.

In the episode "Procrastination," it is seen with much more food inside the box than there seems to be from the outside.

Role in series


SpongeBob fills Gary's food bowl with a whole box of Snail Fud from atop a ladder.

"The Thing"

Patrick pours a bowl of it for "Smelly," Squidward's cement-covered disguise.


  • The name of this brand is a pun on "snail food."