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Snail Bites are a brand of snail treats that appear in the episodes "Treats!" and the online games Which SpongeBob Character Are You? and Beachy Keen!


They are a light brown brand of snail treats that are addictive to snails. They are contained in a light teal box that has a yellow circle on it. In the circle is a picture of the treat, and above the circle, it reads the product's name in red text.

They were manufactured by the Snail Bites Factory, but were later sold out and discontinued as they were such a hit, the company ran out of ingredients.

Role in series


SpongeBob first sees them on a commercial at work. He then buys them and brings them home for Gary. He then becomes addicted to them and likes them so much that whenever he eats enough, SpongeBob makes him do tricks for them.

After Gary eats the whole box in one day, he starts meowing for more. SpongeBob cannot sleep, so he goes to his local pet store to buy more Snail Bites for Gary, only for them to be all sold out.

SpongeBob then goes to the Snail Bites factory to see if they have some, but to no avail as they have been discontinued. SpongeBob explains to Gary that there are no more Snail Bites and that there never will be.

Gary keeps asking for more, so SpongeBob goes to every pet store in the ocean to look for more Snail Bites, but none have them, as they are all sold out. Consequently, Gary does not stop meowing.

SpongeBob looks to Patrick for advice, who tells him that he just needs to say "no" to Gary. SpongeBob tries this and Gary stops meowing immediately.

At the end of the episode, Patrick eats the last known box of Snail Bites. After they are all gone, Patrick starts meowing like Gary.

Which SpongeBob Character Are You?

Snail Bites are among the many choices when the player is asked what their favorite food is.