Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen is a character who appears in the episode "One Krabs Trash."


Smitty is a skeleton of a dead fish who wears the #1 soda drinking hat, with two bottles of bubbles on the left and right soda slot of the hat.
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Smitty WerbenManJensen Gravestone

When Mr. Krabs takes his hat, he comes back to life, asking Mr. Krabs to give it back.

Role in episode

Mr. Krabs, using a fake ghost, tells SpongeBob that a man named "Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen" was #1. He also said that SpongeBob's soda-drinking hat is his and that he has to return it to him immediately, so SpongeBob buries it with this fish, apparently forgetting the "Jager."

Mr. Krabs tries to get the hat out of Smitty's grave in order to sell it for a large amount of money, possibly $1,000,000. However, Smitty is actually an undead being and orders for his hat back but Mr. Krabs refuses. Smitty then summons a whole army of undead fish. Mr. Krabs believes that they would take turns feasting on his insides, then eat his brain and leave his body for the buzzards. Smitty, however, finds that concept to be disgusting and just wants the hat back. He then gives Mr. Krabs two options: give the hat back or suffer an attack from the army of the living dead.

The skeletons attack Mr. Krabs, who defeats them all with a makeshift sword out of a swordfish's skull. Smitty is eventually killed by Mr. Krabs (even though he is already dead). Mr. Krabs then tries to sell it to four people for $1,000,000. The hat, however, lost its value and nobody would buy it. They then laugh at him for thinking it would still be worth $1,000,000.


  • "Hey man, that's my hat! Give it back!"
  • "I guess I'm gonna have to take it from you..."
  • "Only the army of the living dead!"
  • "That's disgusting! We just want the hat back!"
  • "Attack!"


  • When Mr. Krabs is standing in front of Smitty's grave, it reads "Smitty Werben Man Jensen," but, according to the name, Mr. Krabs told SpongeBob it really should be "Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen." The graveyard illustrator forgot the word "Jager."
  • His tombstone reappears in "The Getaway."
  • His hat reappears in "SpongeBob's Place" and "Lost and Found."
  • In the Croatian dub, his name is "Špiro Smiljanić Josipović," which is a combination of few most popular Croatian surnames.

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