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Slammin' Sluggers is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.

It was released in 2008.


SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are playing for the Bikini Bottom baseball team and must win against the anchovy team at the Anchovy Stadium. The player must choose their batting order.

The player starts their first inning by pitching, with SpongeBob as the pitcher and Patrick as the umpire. The player must attempt to give the anchovy batter three strikes so that they are out without letting them hit the ball, giving their team points. There are three balls that can be used:


  • Normal Ball (requires power and accuracy; infinite uses)
  • Cheesy Curveball (Guaranteed miss; available for only 3 pitches)
  • Patty Fastball (Guaranteed miss; available for only 3 pitches)

If the player chooses the normal ball, they must set the power and accuracy to be as powerful and accurate as possible by clicking when the power is high and when the accuracy is as close to the center of the green zone as possible. If the player does well, the anchovy will miss and gain a strike. If the player fails, the anchovy will hit the ball and gain points for their team. If a special ball is used, the player does not need to set power and accuracy while the anchovy is guaranteed to miss. However, each special ball can only be used thrice. Once the anchovy receives three strikes and is out, the next person in the chosen batting order with play.

During the batting, either SpongeBob, Patrick or Sandy will bat based on the batting order you chose. There are three bats to use:


  • Coral Bat (requires power and accuracy; infinite uses)
  • Mast Mayhem (Guaranteed hit; available for only 3 swings)
  • Patty Peeler (Guaranteed hit; available for only 3 swings)

As with pitching, the Coral bat requires power and accuracy to be set, while the special bats give a guaranteed hit and each can only be used three times. Similar to pitching, the anchovy pitcher is trying to give you three strikes while the batter must try to hit the ball as many times as possible before that happens to gain points. However, to balance out the time that the player can bat in one inning, the pitcher sometimes licks the ball, an indication that the player will receive a strike unless they have full power or use a special bat. The game never ends until the player quits, in which the anchovies are considered to win and your score in the game becomes your actual score.


SpongeBob Slammin' Sluggers

SpongeBob Slammin' Sluggers

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