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The Slammer is an enemy character in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


Slammers are generally short, slim fish. They use long, thin objects, like brooms, to slam SpongeBob or Patrick on the head.

In the level "I'm Ready... Depression," they are workers at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat. They are green fish who wear pink-and-white vertically striped shirts, white aprons, and red bow ties. They also wear purple pants, brown shoes, and peanut helmets with boater hats on them. They wield brooms that have bamboo handles.

In the level "Three... Thousand Miles to Shell City," they are hillbillies under the control of Plankton. They are mustard-colored fish with dark yellow fins. They wear blue overalls and a Chum Bucket bucket helmet. They wield a three-stringed banjo, with one string being snapped.

In the levels "Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt" and "Dennis Strikes Back!," they are thugs. They are purple fish who wear red ski masks, dark blue unbuttoned jackets, and dark blue pants. They wield large pry bars that are red at the tips and gray everywhere else.


  • Overhead slam attack

Role in game

Slammers are the third enemy type introduced in the game, and they first appear in the level "I'm Ready... Depression." They attack by running up to SpongeBob or Patrick and slamming them with their weapons. If either of the duo are damaged, the Slammers will toss their weapon into the air while laughing. The Goofy Goober and Hillbilly are defeated after two hits, while the Thug Slammers are defeated after three hits.

The Goofy Goober Slammers give the player 30 manliness points when defeated, the Hillbilly Slammers give the player 70 manliness points, and the Thug Slammers give the player 40 manliness points.


  • The Slammers in "I'm Ready... Depression" are based on Walter the Waiter.
  • In the introductory cut-scene for the Fogger, a Goofy Goober Slammer uses his broom to gently nudge Patrick awake. This is the only time a Slammer is not trying to hurt SpongeBob or Patrick.
  • They are similar to the Ham-Mer from Battle for Bikini Bottom, as they both attack by slamming their weapons onto the ground.
    • Coincidentally, both have rhyming names, are the third enemy introduced in their respective games, and handle their weapon with their right arm.
  • Thug Slammers assist Dennis in his boss battle in the level "Dennis Strikes Back!"
  • There were originally going to be Planktopolis-themed Slammers in the game, but they were not implemented. Concept art of them still exists.