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Simple-Ton is a magazine that appears in the episode "You Don't Know Sponge." It has a ton of simple things to do, hence the title. It contains a "How well do you know your best friend?" quiz. The quiz also has questions like "Is your friend left or right handed?" and "What is your friend's favorite color?"


The magazine has an olive green background with a gray fish on it with crooked, slightly-chipped teeth giving a thumbs up. The fish also has a blue shirt. Above the fish, it reads the magazine's title written in yellow text and "A Ton of Simple Things to Do" written beneath it in dark green text.

It contains quizzes like the friendship test, which SpongeBob and Patrick take, and a game where the reader makes their favorite noise.

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Patrick read Simple-Ton to answer questions about each other to see how close they are as best friends. After Patrick gets none of the answers right, SpongeBob is still Patrick's best friend. However Patrick gives him the wrong ice cream and gets the impression that Patrick knows nothing about him anymore, entering a depressed state.


  • This is SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite magazine.
  • The name of the magazine is an obvious play on the word "simpleton," which refers to a gullible or foolish individual.