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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"Silly Bob Conversation" was composed by Nicolas Carr and Barry Anthony. There are two versions. The main instruments being played in the piece include a clarinet, percussion instruments, a xylophone, flutes, piccolos, a euphonium, a guitar, saxophones, a bass clarinet, a bassoon, various string instruments, and a tuba.


Silly Bob Conversation 1

  • 168a. "Restraining SpongeBob" - Patrick comes out of the restroom.
  • 171b. "InSPONGEiac" - Patrick mistakes SpongeBob for a sponge cake; "Say no more, buddy."
  • 173a. "Squiditis" - SpongeBob scratches his eye; "Just a little howl for pleasure."
  • 190b. "Tutor Sauce" - Mr. Krabs offers to teach SpongeBob how to drive; Mr. Krabs examines the damage to the Krusty Krab.
  • 191b. "The Executive Treatment" - Patrick licks the donut off of his face.
  • 204b. "The Whole Tooth" - Squidward says there is no tooth fairy.
  • 206b. "Code Yellow" - SpongeBob finishes operating; "Well, why didn't you say so?"
  • 208a. "Snooze You Lose" - SpongeBob and Patrick go inside of Squidward's body.
  • 223a. "Sanitation Insanity" - SpongeBob finds a doll in the garbage.
  • 226a. "Chatterbox Gary" - SpongeBob shows Squidward that Gary can talk.
  • 231b. "Ink Lemonade" - "Thanks for reminding me why I hate you."
  • 256b. "SpongeBob's Bad Habit" - Squidward tells SpongeBob to stop biting his fingernails.
  • 260b. "Pat Hearts Squid" - Squidward gets in Patrick's house to stay with him.
  • 265a. "Bubble Bass's Tab" - "Okay, Bubble Bass! We accept the challenge!"; Squidward discovers Bubble Bass made a dummy of himself.
  • 267a. "Krusty Koncessionaires" - Squidward comes out of a trash can.

Silly Bob Conversation 2