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Show Me the Bunny! is a SpongeBob SquarePants book by Steven Banks. It was released on January 27, 2004 and was reprinted in paperback on January 7, 2014.



When Patrick scares away the Easter Bunny by mistake, SpongeBob decides to put on a bunny suit and hide eggs for his best friend. But the egg hunt takes an unexpected turn when Patrick finds the biggest egg they have ever seen!


Knock! Knock! "Who's there?" asked Patrick. "It's me, SpongeBob! Guess what? The Easter Bunny is coming tomorrow!" Patrick jumped up and down. "Oh, boy, the Easter Bunny! Is he going to come down the chimney and bring me presents?" SpongeBob shook his head. "No, Patrick. That's Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny hides eggs and we find them." Patrick ran to his refrigerator and grabbed a carton of eggs. "I found the Easter eggs!" he shouted. "Easter is tomorrow," said SpongeBob. "Besides, Easter eggs are painted pretty colors." That night Patrick hung a stocking above his fireplace and went to bed early. SpongeBob was so excited for Easter that he counted eggs until he fell asleep. Early the next morning the Easter Bunny arrived and began hiding eggs. He was about to put the first one under Patrick's rock when the noise stirred Patrick out of his deep sleep. "Ahhhhh!" screamed Patrick. "Go away, you big, cute, fluffy monster!" The Easter Bunny was so scared that he swam away without leaving any eggs! Patrick returned to bed, proud of himself for scaring the monster away. Whirrr! SpongeBob's alarm clock woke him up. "I have to get to Patrick! It's time for the egg hunt!" Patrick proudly told SpongeBob how he saved Bikini Bottom from being attacked by a giant green monster. When Patrick described the "monster," SpongeBob said, "Oh, no, you scared away the Easter Bunny!" Patrick began to cry. "I ruined Easter!" SpongeBob asked Gary what to do. "Meow!" replied Gary. "You are right! I will color eggs and hide them so Patrick's Easter will not be ruined!" said SpongeBob. "Patrick will never know it's me in this Easter costume," SpongeBob said with a giggle. Then he darted around, hiding Easter eggs everywhere. "I will put one here and here and here and here!" cried SpongeBob. Squidward stuck his head out of the window and said, "SpongeBob! What are you doing?" "I am the Easter Bunny!" SpongeBob replied. Squidward rolled his eyes. "Right, and I am Little Red Riding Hood!" "You are?" asked SpongeBob, amazed. "No!" shouted Squidward. "Just be quiet! I am trying to sleep!" When SpongeBob was done he knocked on Patrick's rock. Patrick looked outside and cried, "Merry Christmas, Easter Bunny!" "You mean 'Happy Easter,' Patrick," said SpongeBob, correcting him. "Okay then, 'Happy Easter, Patrick!'" repeated Patrick. "Never mind," said SpongeBob. "It's time to get your best friend and go on an egg hunt." SpongeBob ran home and took off his costume. Suddenly Patrick burst in. "SpongeBob, the Easter Bunny came! I am going to win the egg hunt-I can feel it!" "It's not a contest, Patrick," said SpongeBob. "We just find the eggs and then eat them." Patrick ran out the door. "I am going to win!" he yelled. SpongeBob and Patrick began hunting for Easter eggs. Soon SpongeBob's basket was full, but Patrick could not even find the eggs right in front of him! SpongeBob secretly put some his eggs into Patrick's basket. "Look! I found some eggs in my basket!" cried Patrick happily. "Now we both have eggs," said SpongeBob. "Boy, all this work has sure made me hungry!" said Patrick. He then ate all the eggs in his basket. As soon as they were gone he began to cry. "All my eggs are gone! I lost the contest! This is the worst Easter ever!" SpongeBob felt sorry for Patrick. "You can have some of my eggs." Patrick smiled. "Really?" "Sure," said SpongeBob. Patrick took all of SpongeBob's eggs and ran home shouting, "I have all the most eggs! I win!" SpongeBob went home and cried. "Gary, I gave all of our eggs away! That means no egg sandwiches, and no egg creams!" "Meow," said Gary sadly. Just then Patrick knocked on the door. "Go away!" cried SpongeBob. "I am not in the mood for company right now, Patrick. You took all of my Easter eggs!" "But I brought them back," said Patrick. "Thanks for giving them to me, but I do not need them anymore." "Why not?" asked SpongeBob. "Because I found the biggest Easter egg ever!" said Patrick. SpongeBob looked up at the huge egg. "Isn't it beautiful," cried Patrick. "I do not think that's an Easter egg," said SpongeBob. Suddenly the egg began to crack and out came a giant fish! It began to chase them. "Run for your life!" yelled SpongeBob. "Merry Christmas, Easter Fishy!" said Patrick as they ran off into the sunset.

Shower in a Can!
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  • The re-release of this book is at a lower reading level with less pages and less words.

Cultural references

  • The title of the book is a pun on the quote, "Show me the money!," from the 1996 film Jerry Maguire.