A shopping cart is a type of cart that appears in many episodes in the series, most notably in "Girls' Night Out."


It is a gray cart used to convey purchased goods. It has four black wheels.

Role in series

"Help Wanted"

"Goo Goo Gas"

Shubie Peterson runs Plankton over with her shopping cart after he insults her baby.

"Girls' Night Out"

The Gal Pals make this shopping cart look like a boat from the virtual reality helmet as part of the prank on SpongeBob.

  • Mrs. Puff gets too into the prank and starts smashing the cart as SpongeBob's in it pretending to drive. After the others tell her to stop, the shopping cart ends up riding through Bikini Bottom and the Gal Pals chase it until it goes off a cliff, where afterwards SpongeBob realizes he was being pranked.
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