If you were looking for the article about the shoe store in Dullsville, then see Shoes (Dullsville).

Shoes is a store that is located next to Tom's Toolery in the episode "Overbooked." It first appears in the Bikini Bottom Mall in the episode "Whale of a Birthday." It is also seen in the episode "The Abrasive Side" when SpongeBob and Patrick are getting on the bus. It also makes a cameo in "Mall Girl Pearl."



The interior contains a display window that can be seen from the outside which shows purses also available in the store. This goes for both episodes it appears in. It sells shoes and other footwear, hence the name.


The exterior of Shoes looks like an average Bikini Bottom shop building. A display window is seen from outside. In "Whale of a Birthday" and "Mall Girl Pearl," it appears as one of the many stores in the Bikini Bottom Mall.
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