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Dear SpongeBob. I'm sending your cousin Stanley to live with you. He can't hold down a job and he ruins everything he touches. I can't take it anymore. Maybe you can straighten him out. Love, Uncle Sherm.
SpongeBob reading Sherm SquarePants' letter, "Stanley S. SquarePants"

Sherm[1] SquarePants[2] is the paternal uncle of SpongeBob, Todd, and BlackJack. He is also the son of Grandpa and Grandma SquarePants, the brother of Harold SquarePants and Blue SquarePants, and the father of Stanley S. SquarePants.


Like most of the SquarePants family members, Sherm is square in shape and has pores. He has several buck teeth, pants like SpongeBob's, a bow tie, and brown eyes. As seen in a family photo, he has a watermelon stuffed inside of his nose.

Role in episode

In the episode "Stanley S. SquarePants," Sherm sends his son to SpongeBob's house due to his inability to hold down a job and the fact that he is irresponsible and ruins everything he touches. Sherm took away several privileges of his adult son, in which Stanley has referenced by telling SpongeBob that his father never allowed him to watch TV, or touch the refrigerator or toilet.

Despite being the father of Stanley, he calls him "Uncle Sherm."


He was born to at least five or six children of Grandma and Grandpa SquarePants. His known siblings are Blue SquarePants and Harold SquarePants.

When he became an adult, he married an unknown wife. They had a son named Stanley S. SquarePants.

Sherm apparently never lets Stanley do anything because of Stanley's destructive nature. At some point, he had enough and sent Stanley away to SpongeBob's house to be straightened out. Although it has not been shown, it can be implied that he and his son have a tense standing as Sherm's letter has the words "I'm free" written at the bottom.

Sherm is mentioned various times in the series in the episodes "Krab Borg" and "Stanley S. SquarePants," but is never seen except briefly in "Pest of the West" when SpongeBob shows a picture of him, remarking that Sherm was known for being able to stick an entire watermelon up his nose. He is also seen in a picture in "The Check-Up."

Video games

Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island - SpongeBob mentions his uncle to Danny Phantom while they look for camp.


  • Unlike his brothers and mother, Sherm resembles SpongeBob instead of a normal sea sponge.
  • He was named after Sherm Cohen.
  • Sherm is also the brother-in-law of Margaret SquarePants.


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