Squid Doodle
"It's Squidward, silly!"

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Sherbet is an ice cream version of Squidward Tentacles. He lived in Pint Bottom, which was in a Tub of vanilla ice cream. He is CreamBob ConePants' and Popsic's neighbor and appears in the comic CreamBob ConePants.


He is a blue ice cream glass cup with a turquoise ice cream scoop on it. Some ice cream drips down the sides of the cup to resemble arms and on the front to resemble a nose. The scoop also has yellow eyes with red pupils.

Role in comic

CreamBob shows him, along with the rest of the main ice cream-themed characters in Pint Bottom, to SpongeBob and Patrick. It is then implied that he, along with everyone else in Pint Bottom, was eaten by SpongeBob and Patrick.
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