Characters: Spongebob, Gary the Snail, Angry Jack, Scooter, & Mr. Krabs

Places: SpongeBob's House, Angry Jack's Shell Emporium, & Behind the Dumpster

Shell Shocked

After SpongeBob hears a noise down in his kitchen, he finds Gary hiding in a boot. Then when SpongeBob touches Gary's shell, it breaks! Then SpongeBob tries to find out how to fix Gary's shell, but then, he sees a commercial for Angry Jack's Shell Emporium, where the prices are very cheap. When SpongeBob and Gary get there, SpongeBob starts to break all of the shells. Which makes Angry Jack angry for real. Then SpongeBob gets kicked out. Then SpongeBob finds a box in a dumpster, then it becomes Gary's replacement shell. But Gary doesn't like it, so he cries. SpongeBob does too. Out of nowhere, a few seconds later, Mr. Krabs appears. He asks SpongeBob what was wrong, and SpongeBob said that SpongeBob broke his shell. (And not only that, he ruined Gary's life.) So Mr. Krabs said that his shell is not broken. And that's when SpongeBob gets an idea. He uses Mr. Krabs' shell as Gary's shell. However, this leaves Mr. Krabs very cold. After giving him a blanket, Gary locks SpongeBob out so he won't have to deal with his bad puns all night.


The title card is similar to The Secret Box, as it is also relevant to that of Sand Castles in the Sand's title card, there are small boxes in both of the title cards.

Angry Jack isn't really angry

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