Sb45 "Spon... Spo... Spo...!"

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Shell Shocked

SpongeBob accidentally breaks his pet snail Gary's shell. Gary shows SpongeBob a shell catalog, but all of the shells are too expensive. SpongeBob then finds various objects for Gary to use as a shell, but nothing seems to work. While watching TV, SpongeBob and Gary see a commercial for Angry Jack's shell inventory, so they immediately head down to pick out a shell for Gary. Somehow, SpongeBob manages to break every shell in Angry Jack's inventory. Walking back home, SpongeBob finds a cardboard box for Gary to use as a shell. After the attempt of using a box as a shell, Gary and SpongeBob both break down in tears. Mr. Krabs comes across the two crying and offers to help, for a price, of course. SpongeBob agrees to work for free, with cut health benefits, for the rest of the year before Mr. Krabs gives Gary his shell. Later that night, Mr. Krabs sneaks in SpongeBob's house for a blanket. Then Gary locks SpongeBob out.

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