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The Shell City creatures are characters who appear in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Crabs and lobsters

There were many crabs and lobsters present at Shell City, some of which were hermit crabs. One of the lobsters squirted glue at the Cyclops, knocking him down onto the ground. They then helped defeat the Cyclops.

These crabs and lobsters resemble Mr. Krabs and Larry the Lobster.


A couple of starfish were seen at Shell City. They were colored blue, pink, red, and purple. The pink ones resemble Patrick Star.


Seahorses 2.png

Some seahorses were present at Shell City. They were colored orange and white. They have been the first animals revived by the flooding caused by SpongeBob and Patrick.


No octopuses initially appear when SpongeBob and Patrick notice the dried fish from the bowl where they were imprisoned. A couple of octopuses appear after the "reviving" all the dried fish, helping other sea creatures to defeat the Cyclops, wrapping him with their tentacles.

Mexican fish

A musical band composed by three fish who appear in Shell City. They look Mexican because they wear sombreros and play Mexican-style music. They also wear a brown shirt with golden epaulets, a golden belt, and brown pants with a yellow zigzag motif.

They have initially been seen dried by SpongeBob and Patrick, but then they revive like other dried fish. They start to play their music as they revive and when other revived sea creatures start to attack the Cyclops, the Mexican fish stop their music for a bit, and then restart to play it faster and with happier faces when they realize that the Cyclops is under attack.


A pufferfish appears in Shell City. It is the second dried animal after the seahorses to be revived by the water and is yellow. It smiled as it revived, but it is not seen to fight the Cyclops.


  • Some animals like octopuses do not initially appear in a dried-up status,

    The Shell City creatures angry at the Cyclops.

    but rather later appear in an animated form when the other sea creatures are revived by the water.
  • The model used for the dry pufferfish is the same exact one that was used previously in the episode "Krusty Love" for Mr. Puff.