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Shanghaied / Gary Takes a Bath
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Directed by Aaron Springer
Storyboard Artist C.H. Greenblatt
Written by Aaron Springer
C.H. Greenblatt
Merriwether Williams
Animation Director Frank Weiss
Creative Director Derek Drymon

"Gary Takes a Bath"
Storyboard Director Aaron Springer
Storyboard Artist C.H. Greenblatt
Written by Aaron Springer
C.H. Greenblatt
Merriwether Williams
Animation Director Frank Weiss
Creative Director Derek Drymon

Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg
Line Producers Donna Castricone
Helen Kalafatic
Anne Michaud
Art Director Nicholas R. Jennings
Supervising Director Alan Smart
Storyboard Supervisor Sherm Cohen
Story Editor Merriwether Williams
Writers Mr. Lawrence
Mark O'Hare
Merriwether Williams
Derek Drymon
Stephen Hillenburg

Tom Kenny SpongeBob, Patchy, Narrator, Gary
Bill Fagerbakke Patrick
Rodger Bumpass Squidward
Brian Doyle Murray Flying Dutchman
Stephen Hillenburg Potty
Sara Paxton Kid Fish
Jonathan Silsby Puppeteer
Mr. Lawrence Larry the Lobster

Casting Director Donna Grillo Gonzales
Casting and Music Coordinator Jennie Monica
Executive Assistant Elise McCollum
Supervising Recording Engineer Krandal Crews
2nd Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
Production Dialogue Supervisor Tony Ostyn
EMR Editor Brian Arnold
Animatic Supervisor Paul Finn
Animatic Editor Brian Robitaille
Assistant Storyboard Artists Zeus Cervas
Heather Martinez
Caleb Meurer
Original Character Design Stephen Hillenburg
Character Designer Todd White
Prop Designer Thaddeus Paul Couldron
Character Clean-Up Eduardo Acosta
Layout Supervisor Kenny Pittenger
BG Layout Design John Seymore
Paula Spence
Background Painters Peter Bennett
Michael Chen
Andy "Spike" Clark
Calvin G. Liang
BG Scanning Department Stephen Christian
Steven Kellams
Eric Stanton
Color Key Supervisor Teale Reon Wang
Color Stylist Dene Ann Heming
Production Manager June Bliss
Production Coordinators Michelle Bryan
Marcy Lynn Dewey
Production Assistants Jacqueline Buscarino
Derek Iversen
Sheet Timer Andrew Overtoom
Final Checker Karen Shaffer

Live Action Sequences
Consulting Producer Mark Osborne
Production Supervisor Stuart Zwagil
Floor Producer Nunzio Fazio
Line Producer Patty Hanton
Wardrobe Teri Valazza
Assistant Prop Master Heidi Grapentine-Boyle
Makeup Suzi Pannenbacker
Special Effects Dennis Petersen
Special Prop Makers Cameron Baity
Morgan Hay
Kathleen Lolley
Jonathon Silsby
Rebecca Stillman
Lighting Designer Dennis Rudge
Gaffer Earl Woody
Best Boy Electric Phil Allard
Board Operator Rob Dick
Electrician Robert Lackey
Key Grip Vic Price
Best Boy Grip Doug Henri
Grip Steve Price
Grip Budd Balani
Video Control Andy Dickerman
Camera/Jib Operator Ray Gonzalez
Camera Utility David Charles
Audio Mixer Steve Kadas
A2 Ray Peart
Set Designer Josee Lemonnier
Art Director Desma Murphy
Set Decorator Claire Kaufman
Script Supervisor Kathy Giangregorio
Set Dressers Walt Strom
Michael Triant
Lead Man Ne'e Le'au
Craft Service Carol Kitinski
Production Assistant Budd Renna
Still Photographer Brian Capener

Senior Director Technical Services John Powell
Technical Engineering Assistant Jim Leber
Post Production Supervisors Wendi McNeese
Eric Weyenberg
Additional Post Production Services Jeff Adams
Michael Petak
Mishelle Smith
Picture Editor Lynn Hobson
Post Production Sound Supervisor and Mixer Timothy J. Borquez
Sound FX Designer and Editor Jeffrey Hutchins
Sound Editor Gabriel Rosas
Re-Recording Mixers Eric Freeman
Roy Braverman
Foley Artist Monette Holderer
Music Editor Nicolas Carr
Music Composed by The Blue Hawaiians
Sage Guyton & Jeremy Wakefield
Steven Belfer
Eban Schletter
Brad Carow
Music Contributions Lovecat Music
"SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song" Lyrics by Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon
Composed by Hank Smith Music
Performed by Pat Pinney
On-Line Editors Dan Aguilar
Barry Cohen
Gayle Mc Intyre
Faust Pierfederici
DaVinci Colorist Dexter P.
Post Production Services Hollywood Digital
Pacifica Sound Group
Animation Services Rough Draft Studios, Korea
Overseas Supervisor Doug Williams
Live Action Island Footage by Bad Clams Productions, inc.
Title Still Photography by David Frapwell
Stock Footage Provided by Fish Films Footage World
Producers Library Service
Energy Film - Getty Images
Developed by Derek Drymon
Tim Hill
Nicholas R. Jennings
Production Executive Eric Coleman
Executive in Charge of Production Lolee Aries
Special Thanks to "The Amanda Show"
Macy's West, inc.

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