If you were looking for the article about the second Albanian dub, then see BobSfungjeri Pantallona-katrori.

SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori is an Albanian dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants. It has previously aired on Bang Bang and Top Channel.


Top Channel

SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori premiered on Top Channel on 14 July 2007, and aired on weekends. This was until 2009 when it was moved to airing every day while they reaired season 1-5. This would be reversed later in the year upon the premiere of season 6. Starting with the premiere of season 7 on 16 January 2011, episodes started airing every Sunday only. Sometime during season 7's initial airing, its timeslot was replaced with DreamWorks Dragons. The show came back on 11 September 2011, where season 6 began reairing. The first premiere again would be on 4 December 2011, when Greasy Buffoons premiered, and it stopped, once again, on 12 February 2012. For the final time, it would come back on 8 December 2012. On 29 June 2013, episodes started airing biweekly. On 29 September 2013, episodes starting airing triweekly. On 10 November 2013, season 7 concluded, and the show aired for the final time. It was officially replaced after shows had cycled through the timeslot by The Space Kidettes on 29 December 2013. On 2 August 2020, the dub started re-airing.

Bang Bang

SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori started airing on Bang Bang in 2013 (possibly February 2013 or June 2013), about 6 years after it initially started on Top Channel and stopped airing some time around late 2013. Additionally, the first movie premiered on the channel in July 2013.


Original name Albanian name Voice actor Season Episode
Main characters
SpongeBob SquarePants SfungjerBob PantallonKatrori Alert Çeloaliaj
Eugene H. Krabs Zoti Krabs Xhelil Aliu
Patrick Star Patrick Yll Lulzim Zeqja
Sandy Cheeks Cheeks Me Rërë Manjola Merlika
Sheldon J. Plankton Sheldon J Plankton Devis Muka


Seasons 1-7 was broadcasted on Top Channel and Bang Bang and seasons 8-11 are broadcast on Çufo.


  • The theme song is not dubbed, but it is localized.


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