Sergeant Roderick[1] is a strict and authoritarian instructor who appears in the episode "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired."


He is a dark gray buff male shark with a light gray dorsal fin. He wears an olive green shirt, dark green pants with a dark brown belt with a golden buckle, an olive green hat, and dark brown boots.


Roderick's personality is that of a stereotypical drill sergeant who is very serious about his job.

Role in episode

He replaces Mrs. Puff after she is fired from her position as driving instructor, due to SpongeBob's stupidity and failing too many driving tests. While teaching SpongeBob, Roderick's strict training technique of forcing him to complete the course blind-folded allows SpongeBob to drive perfectly. However, when SpongeBob begins his official driving test, Roderick does not allow SpongeBob to wear a blindfold, despite SpongeBob's training only being done with one.

SpongeBob then reverts to his old ways, rampaging across the city. Roderick, in an attempt to stop the dangerous driving of SpongeBob, sacrifices himself to stop the boat, stating that he wants Gunther Fitz to tell his wife that he loves her. His attempt is unsuccessful and he is run over by the boat. It is unknown if he survived the crash or not.


Mrs. Puff, You're Fired credits
  • Sergeant Roderick's name is never mentioned in the episode, but the credits reveal it.
  • Even though Roderick is said to be a sergeant, the insignia on his shoulder shows that he is a Corporal.


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