The Seed Shop, also known as the Seed Store, is a farming facility that appears in the mobile game SpongeBob Moves In!


It is a dark green cylinder-shaped building with a gray top and a pipe at the top. It has two doors at the front that are behind an arched-doorway. It also has a sign with a tomato on it that reads the store's name in black letters.

To the right of the building, there is a windmill with white and red blades. In front of said windmill, there is a rope and a red wheelbarrow. On the left of the building, there are some bags and a barrel. Behind the building, there are a few barrels.

Role in game

The player is instructed to construct the Seed Shop at the beginning of the game. Throughout the game, the player receives more food and more crop areas for it, up to seven total can be achieved.

To grow plants, the player needs a dirt patch. The player can unlock more dirt patches during the game when they level.


Seed shop 1.JPG
Seed shop 2.JPG
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Seed shop 4.JPG
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