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Not to be confused with Sea-Nut Butter.
Nice try, SquarePants, but it's not gonna work this time. I'm gonna have some of your delicious Seanut Brittle! [he opens the can and purple tubes pop out of the can] Where's the Seanut Brittle?

Seanut Brittle is a practical joke product disguised as a food item sold by the Palace of Pranks. It appears in the episode "Pranks a Lot" as one of the pranks sold by shops owner, Frank.


It comes in a gag can that has an orange label, which depicts a picture of a peanut within a brown square in the middle. Above and below this, the words "seanut" and "brittle" respectively are transcribed in purple letters.

Upon opening the can, purple tubes will shoot out as a prank.

Role in episode

When outside of the Palace of Pranks, introducing the store to him, SpongeBob informs Patrick that he got a can of gag Seanut Brittle from there. Patrick, overwhelmed, attempts to open the can to taste its contents. However, SpongeBob warns him that it is a booby trap, but Patrick blows him off, only for him to be pranked as purple tubes shoot out of the can.

When inside the Palace of Pranks, Patrick, despite having been pranked by it the first time, finds gag cans of Seanut Brittle in the store and once again opens one of them to taste the contents, once again being pranked as purple tubes shoot out. Off-screen, Patrick berates himself for falling for it again.