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Sea unicorns are a rare species of seahorse with a large horn on their foreheads. They first appear in the episode "Bossy Boots." Whenever they appear, they are usually seen with rainbows, flowers, and other kind-hearted imagery.


Sea unicorns are white seahorses with periwinkle fins, tails, and a golden horn.

Role in series

"Bossy Boots"

A sea unicorn appears on a $20 wall hanger in Mr. Krabs' office. However, it resembles a regular seahorse more than a sea unicorn.

"Wishing You Well"

When SpongeBob sings the song "Down the Well," a sea unicorn appears when he sings, "Although every day the pain grows, you'll ride unicorns on rainbows, if you throw all your dreams down the well."

"Company Picnic"

They are seen in the background on the ball toss game.

"Bulletin Board"

Pearl draws a sea unicorn and posts it on the bulletin board that was put up in the Krusty Krab.

"Scavenger Pants"

A sea unicorn is seen roaming the Bikini Goodlands.


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