A sea spider is a spider that dwells underwater. The only physical appearance of a sea spider is in the episode "Patrick's Coupon," where Patrick encounters one.


The sea spider looks similar to a sea urchin. They look very similar to real spiders with a grayish body and red eyes. The spider's legs are hairy and extended to suit the body. They also have a gland on their abdomen to spin out webs.

Sea spiders have monstrous teeth and eight compound eyes.

Role in episode

The sea spider fights with Patrick at the beginning of the episode. Patrick attempts to use his sofa chair as a self-defense weapon, but it disintegrates into sand. Patrick then backs up before ending up in a spider web. He tries to free himself to no avail. The sea spider crawls down and Patrick attempts to blow it away, but the sea spider crawls onto him, shoots its web onto Patrick's eye and traps him in a cocoon. The sea spider then cuts the web and Patrick falls to the floor, finding his lost ice cream coupon in the process.

Patrick then directly speaks to the spider, parting ways with it to go out to buy himself some ice cream.


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