Sea snails are mollusks that make up a phylum of the kingdom Animalia. This phylum contains the most of the main/major characters and all of the other animals on the show.


The characters who belong to this phylum are:


Sea snails in the series exhibit the characteristics of a real-world feline, in that they use "Meow"s as a means of communication. They typically cannot speak even to each other. The only known snails to speak to Gary are the alley snails and Mary's ex-boyfriend. However, they cannot speak to anthropomorphic characters. Gary was able to be understood by SpongeBob when he said the words "no" and "Plankton" in "The Secret Box" and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie respectively. He can also screech like a cat in numerous episodes. Another trait associated with snails in the series that is also associated with cats is that they loathe taking baths, as seen in "Gary Takes a Bath," "Shellback Shenanigans," and "Pet Sitter Pat."


They are usually known to eaten food suited for them. Snail-Po is a popular example of this. However, there have been occasions where they have consumed foods meant for humans; the alley snails from the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?" are shown to like nachos, and Gary is shown eating cookies in the same episode as well as "Dumped." He also eats a potato chip in "I Had an Accident." Also, in several episodes, it is suggested that Gary chews up the sofa in SpongeBob's living room whenever the latter is gone for long periods of time and not around to feed him.

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