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Starfish, or sea stars, are echioderms that make up a phylum of the Kingdom, Animalia (Animal).


The characters that belong to this phylum are:



The most common depiction of starfish in the show is a star and having five points on them. The top point represents the top of the head, the left and right middle points represent the arms, and the bottom two represent legs.[1]


In the show, many of the starfish are represented as not having any head hair. They are also shown to not have noses (or at least noses not visibly seen).[1]


Starfish are shown to be pink in color in the show, with darker pink spots on them.[1]


Patrick and Gary's family

Patrick has a long family history linked to royalty. His family tree is also comprised of many different species, not just starfish.[2]


Patrick lives under his rock.[1] Sam is also seen making a sand rock that is similar to Patrick's.


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