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If you were looking for the article about the sentient scooter from the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode "Quest for Tire", then see Scooter (vehicle).
Not to be confused with Sandals.
— Scooter's favorite phrase

Scooter[1][2], also known as Incidental 38, The Dude[3], Fish I, and Camper Guy, is a fish who first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants." His incidental type is currently unknown.


Scooter's bio in The Essential Guide

Scooter in What Were You Shrinking?

Scooter in SpongeBob Rocks!


Scooter's older model pose, notice the two drops of sweat near his eyes.

He is a lavender-purple fish with light purple fins and legs, and light green lips. He wears teal swim trunks with yellow flowers. In his earlier appearances, his swim trunks were colored dark pink.

"B"/"BM" Incidental

He wears a dark gray suit and pants over a darker white dress shirt with a black necktie along with black shoes.

Fish I

He wears olive green earmuffs with white cushions, a striped olive green sweater, blue shorts, and knee high brown boots.

Camper Guy

He has the same model as Fish I with the only differences being his yellow skin, light pink lips, and orange fins. He also wears an army green camper hat, a brown jacket, army green shorts, and brown boots.


Despite him being an incidental, Scooter has been shown to usually have a consistent personality in the first three seasons. He is shown to be a groovy fish who enjoys surfing, partying, and saying "Awesome." He was also commonly seen to almost always be in a good or positive mood. However ever since the fifth season, he has been given an inconsistent personality like other incidentals although he sometimes still retains his original personality.

Role in series

Scooter holding a conversation card.

Scooter is a somewhat commonly used incidental character. Although he was a lot more used in the first four seasons where he was usually given a groovy personality and had a consistent high pitched shaky voice, he also commonly spoke super lingo. Ever since season 5 and onwards, he has made much less notable roles and his voice and personality are now inconsistent much like most of the other incidental characters. He was firstly designed to be a beachgoer, as well as running gag throughout the episode "Ripped Pants" where he laughs whenever SpongeBob rips his pants.

Major roles

"Ripped Pants"

He is seen as a big supporter of SpongeBob's ripped pants jokes by constantly laughing at him and complimenting him afterwards. However, after SpongeBob pretends to drown, Scooter says "Dude..." sadly and walks away.

"MuscleBob BuffPants"

He tells Incidental 18 about how huge SpongeBob looks with Anchor Arms. Sandy then asks Scooter where she can find SpongeBob and Scooter tells her that he is in the Juice Bar.

"Walking Small"

A dark teal variant of him first approaches SpongeBob and asks him if he can borrow his metal detector because his broke. SpongeBob kindly allowed him to use it but Plankton tells SpongeBob to be more assertive towards him by telling him to take a hike. SpongeBob misunderstands Plankton and asks Scooter if he would like to take a hike with him. Plankton then tells SpongeBob to tell Scooter to go fall in a ditch. SpongeBob then points to an open ditch for Scooter to search in, Scooter finds buried treasure and thanks SpongeBob for helloing him do so. Plankton then tells SpongeBob to tell Scooter he will use karate on him and tie him in a knot. SpongeBob mishears Plankton and tells Scooter that he will offer to tie his shoe, but Scooter points to his feet and claims that he is wearing sandals. He later appears receiving a hotdog from SpongeBob's tongue. He lastly appears crying due to have broken his surfboard in half. SpongeBob then morphs into a surfboard so Scooter can surf on him instead. After Scooter finishes surfing with SpongeBob, a crowd of fish come up and cheer for him while Scooter thanks SpongeBob for helping him.


Mr. Krabs uses him as an example of what would happen if someone went near the hooks by grabbing the back of his swim trunks and giving him a wedgie.

"Something Smells"

SpongeBob's rancid breath kills him and Incidental 36.

"Bubble Buddy"

He drowns offscreen in the high tide after SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy bury him. Later in the episode, he is shown to have turned into an angel from the high tide.

"Prehibernation Week"

Sandy has him, Incidental 41, and Old Man Walker look inside a cave for SpongeBob, but they run out when they find out the cave is really an elephant fish.

"Squirrel Jokes"

He makes fun of Sandy along with Incidental 37B and Incidental 28.

"SpongeGuard on Duty"

He, Incidental 37A, and Sandals first ask Larry the Lobster how the tubage is and Larry tells them that it's gnarly. He later appears chugging a box of hot dogs at the Annual Hot Dog Chug. He is then seen getting hit on the head repeatedly by Incidental 24 while at Goo Lagoon. Later, he is seen when SpongeBob gives out free ice cream and is seen going surfing when SpongeBob wraps do not cross tape around. After SpongeBob tells everyone that Goo Lagoon is closed, Scooter tells SpongeBob that he and other beach goers like Larry the Lobster. He lastly tells SpongeBob to get his butt in the water after Patrick was seen drowning in Goo Lagoon.

"Club SpongeBob"

He and Incidental 119 are seen flying a "Picnic Supplies Inc." plane that was nearly about to fall out of the sky so they drop all of their picnic supplies from the plane.

"My Pretty Seahorse"

Scooter walks with Incidental 37B when he spots Mystery outside of the Krusty Krab. Thinking that she is a newly-installed kiddie ride, he tries to find the coin slot only to be sent flying by Mystery kicking him.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV"

He says "Hey, SpongeDude!" as he runs up to SpongeBob with Incidental 92 and Sandals. SpongeBob panics and shrinks them with Mermaid Man's utility belt.

"Party Pooper Pants"

He reads his card to Squidward which says 'What came first?: the oyster or the pearl?'. He asks Squidward to take the side of the pearl, but Squidward walks saying that reading cards are lame. He later tells Patrick that SpongeBob is sitting in the punch bowl, which was really an ice sculpture of him.

"Little Floater's Wild Weekend"

He is implied by his voice to be the Blow Off staff member fish who repeatedly mistakes SpongeBob for a door and whom SpongeBob claims to not recognize.

"Good Neighbors"

When Squidward notices the angry mob outside of his house, Scooter points at Squidward and yells out "There he is!"


He appears as an employee at the Reef Cinema where he allows SpongeBob and Sandy to enter the theater and then laughs at SpongeBob's wig when they go inside. He later appears as a movie theater attendant where he suggests everyone to start a riot towards SpongeBob and Sandy.

"Born to Be Wild"

He mocks SpongeBob and Patrick while they were pretending to be a biker gang.

"Sand Castles in the Sand"

He is seen playing volleyball with Larry the Lobster and other fish and asks SpongeBob and Patrick to return their ball after they accidentally hit it towards them. He later appears at Goo Lagoon with Incidental 47 where he get frightened by SpongeBob and Patrick's sand war. He then grabs Incidental 47 and flees away.

"Shell Shocked"

He appears in a commercial to promote Angry Jack's Shell Emporium with Snail 1.

"The Clash of Triton"

When Triton appears above downtown Bikini Bottom, Scooter asks for his autograph and Triton zaps his name onto the town.

"Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy"

He is seen holding a long surfboard that Sandy runs behind to hide her naked body, he also laughs at her.


He makes a joke to Squidward about walking too fast and Mr. Krabs forces him to find the joke funny. He then informs everyone at the Krusty Krab about the lava burning out the roof. He later reminds Squidward about calling the pipe under his house stupid while the Bikini Bottomites carry him to the volcano.

"The Wreck of the Mauna Loa"

He, Incidental 48, and Incidental 108 fall off of The Wreck of the Mauna Loa amusement park ride and happily run off.


He appears as a disguise for Incidental 118.

"Face Freeze!"

He runs away from SpongeBob and Patrick at Goo Lagoon when they rise from under the lagoon.

"Lost in Bikini Bottom"

He is seen with Incidental 40 and Incidental 23 when SpongeBob comes across looking for the formerly abandoned couch that they were currently sitting on. He and Incidental 23 then congratulate Incidental 40 after he has agreed to give him a ride to the Krusty Krab.

"The Executive Treatment"

His "B"/"BM" variant appears as an executive at the Krusty Krab with another unnamed executive. He mistakes Patrick as an executive and has him go to the Business Industries with all of the other executives. He is also one of the executives who are with Patrick in conference room 4B where Patrick eventually gets him fired by putting several stamps on him during the montage.

"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?"

He is getting an autograph from Patrick Star and later after the Frozen Krabby Patties is discovered to contain sand he vomits into his Snail's litter box.

"Don't Feed the Clowns"

He, Incidental 6, and Incidental 45 decide to buy hotdogs from Incidental C1 after he has taken over the abandoned hot dog cart. Incidental C1 then shoots mustard into their mouths and hotdogs into their eyes by mistake. The three fish then freak out and run away.

"Shell Games"

He is seen playing volleyball at Goo Lagoon with Incidental 45 until their game gets disturbed by Patrick and Tony's fighting.

"Krusty Koncessionaires"

He asks SpongeBob to toss a Krabby Patty up to him. SpongeBob does so but Scooter then tells him there is no mustard on his patty. SpongeBob then shoots mustard onto the patty and Scooter thanks him.

"SpongeBob's Road to Christmas"

He is seen in the sky sitting on a lawn chair being floated by balloons.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

"The Yard Sale"

He is seen during Ancient Rome times holding a banner that says "Weus Lovus Moronicus!" with Incidental 6, Incidental 47, Incidental 73, and Incidental 106.

Major roles in books

SpongeBob Rocks!

He is a devoted fan of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy's rock band "Tidal Wave." He wears a wave-themed shirt and visits the band backstage at the Poseidome Colosseum. There, he asks them where their drums and guitars are, and they tell Scooter that they will use seashells instead.

Major roles in shorts

"What Else Can a Krabby Patty Do?"

He appears as a clinic worker pulling out a Frankenstein fish with another clinic worker but they both run away when the Frankenstein fish rises.

Major roles in games

Battle for Bikini Bottom/Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated

He appears as a NPC throughout the game. He also appears as Camper Guy.


  • He, Fred, Old Man Walker, and Sandals are currently the only incidentals with confirmed names.
    • However unlike them, Scooter has two confirmed names while the three of them each have only one confirmed name.
  • He has no speaking roles in seasons 5, 8, and 10.