Scallops and clams appear in many episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. They are depicted as the undersea equivalent of birds.


Scallops and clams are usually light purple, but they can also be light orange and pink.

Role in series

SpongeBob's pet scallop, Shelley, makes frequent appearances in the series, beginning with "Help Wanted." She lives in a birdcage in SpongeBob's bedroom.

In "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve," a baby clam is crying.

In "Valentine's Day," orange chocolate-eating scallops appear. They attack the hot-air balloon that Sandy brings to Patrick. They manage to puncture holes in the balloon, but Sandy lassoes the scallops and uses them to steer the balloon.

In "To Love a Patty," SpongeBob kills a group of ravenous scallops after they try to eat Patty.

In "One Krabs Trash," they appear as scallop bats.

In "The Smoking Peanut," "Clams," "The Thing," "Porous Pockets," "Born to Be Wild," and "Tea at the Treedome," they appear as oversized giant clams.

In the "Clam Up!" short, Prickles is attempting to find a house when a clam seems to ruin each opportunity for a new house.

In "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," a single scallop is one of the party guests, later it sings for SpongeBob at the end. The scallop has visible teeth when it sings.

Crowing instances

The following episodes and movies have scallops and clams appear as the undersea version of a rooster. Their crowing can often be heard when the scene transfers to morning.


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