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"Santa Has His Eye on Me" is a song featured in the beginning of the episode "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" It is sung by SpongeBob and his friends as he inquires them about what they are doing this Christmas. Meanwhile, Plankton is venting about the fact that Santa Claus always knows about his nefarious schemes and is always punishing him with coal.

The song was composed and arranged by Eban Schletter and the lyrics were written by Luke Brookshier. This song is also featured on the It's a SpongeBob Christmas! album.


SpongeBob: Oh, it's drawing very near...
My favorite time of year...
The snow is falling and the cold wind blows...
Christmas is almost here!
And I know that Santa, Santa, Santa
Has his jolly little eyes on me!
It keeps me warm and filled with glee
To know Santa has his eyes on me!
I light my house like a Christmas tree
'Cause Santa, Santa, Santa has his jolly little
Eyes on me!
Hi, Squidward! What are you doing today?
Squidward: Stringing lights so Santa knows, in no uncertain terms, to GO AWAY!
SpongeBob: Oh...kay...

Santa, Santa, Santa has his jolly little eyes on me!
He sees everything I do
With his left eye on me
And his right eye on you...
Ooh, what's that?
Patrick: It's a trap... a trap for Santa!
SpongeBob: Baited with Christmas treats?
Patrick: (To the tune of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy") I will trap Santa in my box
Locked up like Fort Knox
And make him stop the clocks
And we'll have Christmas all year lonnnnng!
Hey! A cookie! [falls into trap]
SpongeBob: Oh... Santa, Santa, Santa
Has his jolly little eyes on me!
And who is that I see
Underneath her Christmas tree?
Sandy: Oh, Christmas, oh, Christmas
Is sweet mystery
I'll mix a dash of Christmas cheer
With a candy cane
And deconstruct its alchemy
SpongeBob: Merry Christmas, Sandy!
Sandy: Merry Christmas, SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Santa, Santa, Santa
Has his jolly little eyes on me!
Hi, Mr. Krabs! Are you ready for Christmas?
Mr. Krabs: Why, Christmas is me favorite time of the year! After all, 'tis the season of getting.
SpongeBob: Don't you mean the season of giving?
Mr. Krabs: Exactly! The more you give, the more I get. [laughs]
Plankton: Oh, Santa, Santa, Santa has his eye on me.
He sees everything I've done
Every plot, plan, and scheme.
It's just a bit of fun.
Santa has his eye on me.
Every naughty deed is written in his scroll
So every Christmas morning, I GET A STOCKING FULL OF COAL!



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