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Not to be confused with the Santa fish or Fake Santa.

Santa Claus is a character who first appears in the episode "Christmas Who?"


In all his forms throughout the series, Santa is seen with a long white beard and gloves. His outfit usually consists of a white and red hat and a white and red outfit. He drives a green sleigh accompanied by many reindeer. His appearance in the series is heavily based off contemporary depictions of the character.

Role in series

SpongeBob SquarePants

"Christmas Who?"

Santa gives Squidward a letter for his help to the Bikini Bottomites in playing his role during his absence. He is seen riding on his sleigh with his reindeer in the distance immediately after Squidward reads his letter, and he laughs maniacally. Squidward, who initially did not believe in his existence, is speechless that he was wrong. He then makes a remark of being insane and goes back inside. Santa continues his laughter as he flies off.

"Wishing You Well"

SpongeBob thinks that claustrophobia means that one is afraid of Santa Claus as Squidward tells him it actually means someone is afraid of tight spaces. Patrick purposely says "Ho, ho, ho!" to taunt Squidward about his fear beforehand.

"It's a SpongeBob Christmas!"

Santa comes to Bikini Bottom with the intention to dish out coal to everyone because they are on the naughty list. He nearly gives the Krabby Patty secret formula to Plankton, seeing as he appears to be "good." When Plankton's robot SpongeBob appears, he sets his sights on destroying Santa but SpongeBob destroys the robot.

Afterward, Santa discovers Plankton created the machine and punishes him by giving him all the coal originally meant for the whole town.

"Goons on the Moon"

Santa appears after Squidward abruptly wakes him up and helps Sandy and her friends fix the moon. After SpongeBob destroys the moon, Santa shoots several water guns at him for SpongeBob to absorb them and take the moon's place.

At the end, it is revealed that Santa will replace the moon for Christmas, something SpongeBob ends up spoiling for the people of Earth. Santa flies by and tells SpongeBob he is still a menace.

"Appointment TV"

He briefly appears on one of SpongeBob's VHS tapes.

"SpongeBob's Road to Christmas"

Sleepy Time 057.png
"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

"The Ho! Ho! Horror!"

Santa comes to Camp Coral to deliver presents to the campers. They first think he's a giant red monster. At the end, Sandy tells them that he is friend and she remembers him from Texas.

Role in games

It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

A picture of Santa can be seen when the player wins a level.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

Squidward can be seen wearing Santa's clothes.

Role in books

It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

He appears on the sides of the page where SpongeBob and Patrick are making snow angels.


  • The stop-motion Santa in "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" has received criticism due to the fact that he looked like a pig. The animators responded to this comment about their interpretation of Santa Claus, saying "[They] definitely wanted to keep an element of strangeness, almost scary aspects in the story." Mark Caballero explained that the idea of making Santa Claus look tired and strange came when they saw a drawing of him by Marc Ceccarelli or Luke Brookshier. Caballero said, "We thought that was a great idea. So we came up with our own little back story where Bikini Bottom is the last stop for Santa. He's tired, he wants to get home, take his shoes off... We honed in on the old descriptions of Santa being a jolly old elf. We pictured him as humanoid, but not necessarily directly human."[1]
  • He is one of the few characters in the series to have a live action, stop motion, and animated form.
  • In "Plankton's Old Chum," SpongeBob's alter-ego, Chumta Claus, is a reference to Santa Claus himself.
  • Santa is able to breathe underwater thanks to Christmas magic. However, in the Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode "The Ho! Ho! Horror!," he wears an underwater helmet.
  • Mr. Krabs refers to him as "Santy Claus."

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