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If you were looking for the article about the character, then see Sandy Cheeks.
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"Sandy Squirrel" is a song performed by the band N*E*R*D. The song is part of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water album. It can also be heard in the movie credits.


Sandy Squirrel
Life’s the ocean, and you're my world
Or the oyster and you're the pearl
You're the only one that's for me
I'm sorry Mr. Krab
Yes I know the daughter you have
But come on man you can't be mad
I gotta squirrel livin' in the sea!
You medicine girl,
A medicine girl
I'm so heavily in a Hell of a world
You make my mind shine like a head of a pearl
And strut through my thoughts
Like straight of the curls
And why why why
Do I feel like cryin'
Every time you leave
I swim right down
I wanna call, text but I ain't no time
I know I never wanted but I feel like cryin'!
[chorus 2x]
Well the cowboy had
and that's so wrong
A life of nog and that's so dope
And I think they won't stop
And that won't go
It's like bass droppin'
And it won't blow
Out your window
And out your car
A couple lay ways and some stringed guitars
Gotta love picture's in an Ice cream Bar
Can this verse be shortened, please? [uh-huh]
[chorus 2x]